CHARADRII Strauch, 1978

Bochenski, Zbigniew M., Wertz, Krzysztof, Tomek, Teresa & Gorobets, Leonid, 2019, A new species of the late Miocene charadriiform bird (Aves: Charadriiformes), with a summary of all Paleogene and Miocene Charadrii remains, Zootaxa 4624 (1), pp. 41-58: 42

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CHARADRII Strauch, 1978


Suborder CHARADRII Strauch, 1978  ; sensu Paton et al. (2003)

Ordinal referral. The two bones here described (coracoid and humerus) resemble Charadriiformes  in overall morphology. They can be assigned to the suborder Charadrii sensu Paton et al. (2003)  , based on the combination of the following characters ( Zusi & Jehl, 1970; Mayr, 2011; De Pietri et al., 2013, 2016;): coracoid with (1) extremitas omalis with mediolaterally elongated facies articularis clavicularis, forming a markedly medial projection on the processus acrocoracoideus; (2) presence of foramen nervi supracoracoidei; (3) absence of a well-developed projection on margo medialis in the sternal part; (4) facies articularis sternalis with shallow dorsal concavity (i.e., little curved in sternal view), with medial portion of facies articularis sternalis only a little dorsoventrally widened. Humerus with: (5) presence of a well-developed dorsal (second) fossa pneumotricipitalis that undercuts caput humeri; (6) concave dorsal surface of crista deltopectoralis; (7) absence of transverse ridge (a ligament attachment site) across incisura capitis ( Strauch, 1978: character 42; Mayr, 2011: character 29; De Pietri & Mayr, 2012: figs. 1D, 2J); (8) broad impressio coracobrachialis; (9) shaft S-shaped in dorsal view, and C-shaped in caudal view.