Alekseev, Vitalii I., 2017, A new species of minute beetle (Coleoptera: Clambidae) from Baltic amber (Paleogene, Eocene), Zootaxa 4337 (1), pp. 141-145: 141-142

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Subfamily Clambinae  Fischer von Waldheim, 1821

Genus Clambus Fischer von Waldheim, 1821 

The species under consideration belongs to Clambus  based on a combination of the following characters: (1) metacoxal plates well-developed, large and covering legs and base of abdomen, (2) tarsal formula 4-4-4, (3) eyes wholly divided by a canthus, (4) procoxal cavities open, (5) antennae 10-segmented with 2-segmented club, (6) abdomen with 5 ventrites, (7) antennomere 3 much longer than antennomere 4, (8) metaventrite divided into horizontal and sloping plates.