Meggoleus Townes, 1971

Khalaim, Andrey I. & Ruiz-Cancino, Enrique, 2020, Contribution to the taxonomy of Mexican Tersilochinae (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae), with descriptions of five new species, ZooKeys 974, pp. 1-21: 1

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Meggoleus Townes, 1971


Genus Meggoleus Townes, 1971  

Type species.

Meggoleus spirator   Townes, 1971.

It is a small Neotropical genus with five species; one Afrotropical species with large propodeal spiracles described in the genus Meggoleus   ( Khalaim 2007) was recently found to belong to the genus Allophrys   Förster ( Khalaim 2017). Nothing is known about host range of any Meggoleus   species.

Three species of Meggoleus   occurring in South America were revised by Alvarado (2012). Two of them, M. spirator   Townes and M. pampahermosensis   Alvarado, are known from Costa Rica ( Khalaim and Broad 2012, Khalaim et al. 2018), and the latter species was recorded also from Mexico ( Khalaim et al. 2018). In this paper, we describe two new species of Meggoleus   from Mexico and Panama. Both new species possess small propodeal spiracles, clearly differing from three previously known taxa which are characterized by strongly enlarged propodeal spiracles. Record of M. hidalgoensis   sp. nov. from Tamaulipas is a northernmost known locality for the genus Meggoleus   . A partial key to the species of Meggoleus   with small propodeal spiracles is provided.