Borinken elyunque Konstantinov & Konstantinova

Konstantinov, A. S. & Konstantinova, A. A., 2011, New genus and species of flea beetles (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Galerucinae, Alticini) from Puerto Rico, with comments on flea beetle diversity in the West Indies and a key to the West India, ZooKeys 155, pp. 61-87: 61

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Borinken elyunque Konstantinov & Konstantinova

sp. n.

Borinken elyunque Konstantinov & Konstantinova  ZBK  sp. n. Figs 1-14


Body length 1.08-1.18 mm, width 0.70-0.81 mm, elongate, relatively flat in lateral view (2.18 times as long as thick). Color brown without metallic luster, legs slightly lighter and antennae, except last antennomere, darker, almost black. Vertex covered with large punctures, shiny, without wrinkles. Oblique fold situated between orbit and antennal callus. Proportions of antennomere lengths in male: 14:9:6:6:6:4:5:5:5:7:10. Antennomeres widened abruptly beginning from antennomere 7 (it is 0.71 times as long as wide). Pronotum evenly covered with large punctures, their diameter much larger than distance between them. Ventral side of body without many setae. Elytron with nine complete rows of punctures. Additional scutellar row incomplete. Punctures large, about as large as space between rows. Interspaces shiny with wrinkles or punctures. Proportions of tarsomere lengths of male as follows: protarsomeres 5:4:4:11; mesotarsomeres 5:4:4:11; metatarsomeres 9:4:5:11.

Median lobe of aedeagus (Fig. 12) robust in ventral view, with apex evenly convex without apical denticle. Apex slightly swollen in lateral view. Ventral side flat, without membranous window.


The specific epithet is a noun in apposition based on the type locality.


Unidentified moss samples that contained Borinken elyunque  were collected in the forest from a variety of substrates (rocks, tree stumps, trunks and branches) (Figs 59, 60).

Type material.

Holotype: ♂, Puerto Rico: El Yunque, El Toro trail, 18°16.850'N, 65° 49.753W, 1066m, 14.VI.2008, moss (unsifted) leg. A. Konstantinov (USNM). Paratype ♂, same label as holotype (USNM). Paratypes 2 ♂, same label as holotype except the date, 16.VI.2008 and moss being “unsifted” (USNM).