Ecpantheria kinkelini Burmeister, 1879: 59

Beccacece, Hernan M., Vincent, Benoit & Navarro, Fernando R., 2014, The type-material of Arctiinae (Lepidoptera, Erebidae) described by Burmeister and Berg in the collection of the Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales Bernardino Rivadavia (Buenos Aires, Argen, ZooKeys 421, pp. 65-89: 74

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Ecpantheria kinkelini Burmeister, 1879: 59


Taxon classification Animalia Lepidoptera Erebidae

Ecpantheria kinkelini Burmeister, 1879: 59  Fig. 14

Current identity.

Hypercompe kinkelini  (Burmeister, 1879).


Described on the basis of an unspecified number of male and female specimens from Palermo, near Buénos-Ayres [Buenos Aires].

Type locality.

Palermo, Buénos-Ayres [Buenos Aires, Argentina].


In the Burmeister collection there are two specimens that apparently belong to the type-series: a male specimen with no label pinned on it; it is in good condition; a female specimen with a green label with the inscription "Buen[os] Aires," which is in quite good condition (Fig. 14). The habitus and scale of the two specimens correspond to the original description and they are associated with a square label on the box that reads "Kinkelini Burm[eister] Buen[os] Air[es]." Therefore, we assume they are syntypes. We hereby designate the female specimen as lectotype in [MACN] with a red label with the inscription "Lectotype ♀ Ecpantheria kinkelini  Burmeister designated by Beccacece, Vincent & Navarro." The male specimen is designated as a paralectotype.


The specific name is in honor of Kinkelin (collector of both specimens).