Campoplex sp. Gravenhorst, 1829

Scaramozzino, Pier Luigi, Giovanni, Filippo Di, Loni, Augusto, Ricciardi, Renato & Lucchi, Andrea, 2018, Updated list of the insect parasitoids (Insecta, Hymenoptera) associated with Lobesiabotrana (Denis & Schiffermueller, 1775) (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae) in Italy. 2. Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae,, ZooKeys 772, pp. 47-95: 47

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Campoplex sp. Gravenhorst, 1829


Campoplex sp. Gravenhorst, 1829 

Campoplex  sp.: Pinna et al. 1989: 82; Lozzia and Rigamonti 1991: 34; Coscollá 1997: 218.

Italian distribution of reared parasitoids.

Piedmont: Pinna et al. 1989; Lozzia and Rigamonti 1991.

Distribution and host range.

The cosmopolitan genus Campoplex  Gravenhorst, 1829 includes ca. 210 species of koinobiont endoparasitoids of microlepidopteran larvae (mainly of the Tortricidae  family, but also of Coleophoridae  , Gelechiidae  , Pyralidae  etc.), and to a lesser extent of macrolepidoptera, Hymenoptera  Symphyta  and few Coleoptera  Curculionidae  (see Yu et al. 2012 for a more comprehensive review). In Europe approximately 90 species are recorded ( Zwakhals and van Achterberg 2017).

Ecological role.

Pinna et al. (1989) obtained an unidentified species of Campoplex  from overwintering specimens of L. botrana  , with parasitism rates variable from 4.7 to 36.9%. Lozzia and Rigamonti (1991) found an unidentified species from overwintering generation of the EGVM, with a parasitism rate close to 4%.