Apronopa van Achterberg, 1980

Peris-Felipo, Francisco Javier & Belokobylskij, Sergey A., 2018, A review of the genus Apronopa van Achterberg (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Alysiinae) with a key to species, ZooKeys 793, pp. 143-155: 144

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Apronopa van Achterberg, 1980


Genus Apronopa van Achterberg, 1980 

Apronopa  van Achterberg, 1980: 75; Tobias 1986: 195; Fischer 1991: 8; Wharton 1994: 640; Belokobylskij 1998: 169, 217; Belokobylskij and Tobias 2007: 10; Yu et al. 2016.


Paraclypeal fovea small, far from inner border of eye. Mandibles small, tridentate, without transverse carina. Upper tooth small; median tooth rather wide and short; lower tooth wide, lobe shaped. Antenna thickened; first flagellar segment longer than second segment. Mesoscutum without postero-medial mesoscutal pit; notauli present on horizontal surface of mesoscutum reaching half or two thirds of mesoscutum; precoxal sulcus present, wide or narrow, oblique, crenulate-rugose, rarely almost smooth; propodeum with different types of sculpture, without areas delineated by carinae. Marginal cell of forewing always long; vein r longer than pterostigma width; vein 2-SR present and rather distinctly sclerotized; veins m-cu and cu-a always strongly postfurcal; subvertical vein 2-SR+M long; first subdiscal cell closed postero-apically by vein CU1b; vein CU1a arising from vein 3-CU1 distinctly behind its middle. Metasoma more or less distinctly depressed dorso-ventrally; first metasomal tergite without dorsope; second tergite usually striate-rugulose in basal one-third or two thirds.