Lordiphosa Basden

Fartyal, Rajendra S., Sati, Pradeep C., Pradhan, Sushmika, Kandpal, Mukul C., Toda, Masanori J., Chatterjee, Rabindra N., Singh,, 2017, A review of the genus Lordiphosa Basden in India, with descriptions of four new species from the Himalayan region (Diptera, Drosophilidae), ZooKeys 688, pp. 49-79: 49

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Lordiphosa Basden


Genus Lordiphosa Basden 

Lordiphosa  Basden, 1961: 186 (as a subgenus of Drosophila  ); Laštovka and Máca 1978: 404; Okada 1984: 571. Type species: Drosophila fenestrarum  Fallén, 1823.

Lordiphosa  : Grimaldi, 1990: 121 (new status as genus); De and Gupta 1996: 131; Bächli et al. 2004: 250.


Prementum thicker in ventral than in dorsal portion from lateral view (Figs 2B, 3C, 4A), ventrally more or less expanded in posterior view (Figs 2C, 4B). Paramere ventrobasally articulated with hypandrium (Figs 1D, 2H, 3E, 4E, F, 7D). Hypandrium lacking paramedian setae.