Ophitodum capillare ( Fagel, 1961 )

Assing, Volker, 2008, On the Cryptobiina of the Arabian peninsula (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Paederinae), Zootaxa 1892, pp. 53-64: 55

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Ophitodum capillare ( Fagel, 1961 )


Ophitodum capillare ( Fagel, 1961) 

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Material examined. Yemen: 4 exs., Wādī Daw'an, NW Al Mukāllā, 15 °09'N, 48 ° 26 'E, 950 m, at light, 3.IV. 2007, leg. Rejzek (cAss, cSch).

Comment. The species was previously known from Senegal, Ivory Coast, and Nigeria ( Fagel 1977). It is here reported from Yemen for the first time. Although the type species and other Afrotropical representatives were not examined, Ophitodum  is here regarded as a distinct genus. The Arabian species are distinguished from Ochthephilum  , a monophyletic taxon with a Holarctic distribution and comprising nearly 50 species, by so many and so significant external and sexual characters (see key above) that an inclusion of Ophitodum  in Ochthephilum  would probably render the latter paraphyletic.