Cleptocaccobius Cambefort, 1984

Ziani, Stefano, Abdel-Dayem, Mahmoud Saleh, Aldhafer, Hathal Mohammed & Barbero, Enrico, 2019, An overview of the Onthophagini from the Arabian Peninsula (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea: Scarabaeidae), Zootaxa 4658 (1), pp. 1-36: 5

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Cleptocaccobius Cambefort, 1984


Genus Cleptocaccobius Cambefort, 1984 

Cleptocaccobius viridicollis (Fåhraeus in Boheman, 1857) 

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Literature quotes. YEMEN: without locality (d’Orbigny 1898c, as C. minimus d’Orbigny, 1898  ).

Material examined. YEMEN: “ Arabia  / Yemen” [without further data], J. G. Millingen leg. 3 exx. ( NHMUK); Sana’a Governorate, Wadi Dhahr , 2240 m (1526′43″N 4467′34″E), 15/ 17.xi.2003, D. Král leg. 2 exx. ( NMPC)  .

Distribution. Arabian Peninsula: Yemen (d’Orbigny 1898a). Africa: Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Somalia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe (d’Orbigny 1913a), South Africa ( Boheman, 1857), Swaziland ( Stronkhorst & Stronkhorst 1997).

Remarks. The species was described as Onthophagus  , then transferred to Caccobius  by d’Orbigny (1900) and lastly placed in Cleptocaccobius  by Walter (2017). Caccobius minimus d’Orbigny 1898  , described from “Arabie: Yemen ” was synonymized with C. viridicollis  by d’Orbigny (1900).


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