Campanicola heteroidea Li & Liu, 2021

Li, Zichang, Agnarsson, Ingi, Peng, Yu & Liu, Jie, 2021, Eight cobweb spider species from China building detritus-based, bell-shaped retreats (Araneae, Theridiidae), ZooKeys 1055, pp. 95-121 : 95

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Campanicola heteroidea Li & Liu

sp. nov.

Campanicola heteroidea Li & Liu sp. nov.

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Type material.

Holotype: ♀, China, Guizhou Province: Liupanshui City, Zhongshan District (26°35'50"N, 104°49'10"E, 1760 m), 26 August 2020, B. Liang and J.H. Wang leg.


This new species can be distinguished from other Campanicola species by the following characteristics: epigynum dissymmetric; copulatory pores located on the anterior margin of the atrium; copulatory ducts short, winding simply (Fig. 9D, E View Figure 9 ).


The specific name is derived from the Latin adjective heteroideus, meaning asymmetrical, referring in essence to the dissymmetric epigynum structure; adjective.


Male unknown. Female (holotype): Total length 4.12. Prosoma 1.66 long, 1.54 wide, brown, with few black patches in the centre. Sternum 0.90 long, 0.93 wide, yellow, with black patches and sparse setae. Opisthosoma 2.45 long, 2.22 wide, oval, armed with black setae, dorsum yellowish with a middle longitudinal black belt which is surrounded with bright white spots, and more laterally mottled. Venter yellowish-brown, with a broad black transverse stripe next to epigastric furrow. Anal tubercle yellowish. Spinnerets yellow, surrounded with black ring, without colulus (Fig. 9A-C View Figure 9 ). Diameters of eyes: AME 0.07, ALE 0.06, PME 0.05, PLE 0.05. Interdistances of eyes: AME-AME 0.04, AME-ALE 0.05, PME-PME 0.05, PME-PLE 0.06. Clypeus 0.16 high, yellow, with black posterior margin. Chelicerae yellowish, promargin with 2 teeth. Endites brown. Labium 0.21 long, 0.09 wide, yellowish-brown, rectangular, fused with sternum. Measurements of legs: I 4.84 (1.53, 0.22, 1.18, 1.23, 0.68), II 3.16 (0.99, 0.26, 0.69, 0.67, 0.55), III 2.63 (0.82, 0.25, 0.50, 0.58, 0.48), IV 4.03 (1.35, 0.38, 0.80, 0.90, 0.60). Leg formula: I-IV-II-III. Legs yellowish, with dark brown ring. Epigynum: atrium depression and oval; copulatory pores pronounced, located on anterior margin of atrium; copulatory ducts short, winding simply, lightly sclerotized and dissymmetric, connected with spermathecae from anterior part; spermathecae spherical; fertilization ducts short and thin (Fig. 9D, E View Figure 9 ).


China (Guizhou) (Fig. 16 View Figure 16 ).