Austrolebias Costa,

Wilson J. E. M. Costa & Morevy M. Cheffe, 2005, Austrolebias univentripinnis sp. nov. (Teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae): a new annual killifish from the Mirim Lagoon basin, southern Brazil., Zootaxa 1052, pp. 41-48: 42

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Austrolebias Costa


[[ Austrolebias Costa  ZBK  ]]

The genus Austrolebias Costa  ZBK  comprises a diversified clade of Cynolebiatini annual killifishes endemic to southern Brazil, Paraguay, northern Argentina and Uruguay (Costa, 1998, 2002). Its included species inhabit temporary pools characteristic of all river drainages in this region, including the Paraná-Paraguay-Uruguay River system and the Patos-Mirim lagunar system. The latter system is located near the coast of southern Brazil and northeastern Uruguay, and is home to ten species of Austrolebias  ZBK  : A. adloffi (Ahl)  , A. arachan Loureiro, Azpelicueta & Garcia  ZBK  , A. charrua Costa & Cheffe  ZBK  , A. cyaneus (Amato)  , A. gymnoventris (Amato)  , A. luteoflammulatus (Vaz-Ferreira, Sierra & Scaglia)  , A. jaegari Costa & Cheffe  ZBK  , A. minuano Costa & Cheffe  ZBK  , A. nigrofasciatus Costa & Cheffe  ZBK  , and A. viarius (Vaz-Ferreira, Sierra & Scaglia)  (Costa & Cheffe, 2001, 2002; Costa, 2003; Loureiro et al., 2004). A new species from the Jaguarão River drainage, which is tributary to the Mirim Lagoon, having apomorphic features such as triangular anal fin in females, pelvic-fin bases medially fused, and urogenital papilla attached to anal fin in males is herein described.