Tibouchina Aublet (1775: 445)

Silva-Gonçalves, Kelly Cristina Da, Baumgratz, José Fernando A. & Nunes-Freitas, André Felippe, 2014, Melastomataceae in a continental Atlantic Forest island from southeastern Brazil, Phytotaxa 183 (2), pp. 61-92 : 81

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/phytotaxa.183.2.1



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Tibouchina Aublet (1775: 445)


7. Tibouchina Aublet (1775: 445) .

Trees or shrubs, sometimes treelets; branches flattened, terete or tetragonal, sometimes sharply or slightly winged. Inflorescences terminal; bracts and bracteoles persistent or caducous. Flowers 5-merous; calyx with lacinias unilobed, caducous; petals purple or lilac, obovate, apex asymmetric, margin ciliolate, glabrous; stamens purple to light purple, dimorphic and of two sizes, 5 larger antesepalous, 5 smaller antepetalous, anthers purple, lilac or pink, falciform or curve, pore terminal, connective prolonged bellow the thecae, appendage ventral, glabrous or pilose; ovary partly adnate to the hypanthium by septa along the length, free to the apex, 5-celled, pilose; stigma capitate. Capsule, velatidium or ruptidium type, polyspermous; seeds cochleate, granulate.