Protosticta satoi Asahina, 1997

Phan, Quoc Toan & Kompier, Tom, 2016, A study of the genus Protosticta Selys, 1855, with descriptions of four new species from Vietnam (Odonata: Platystictidae), Zootaxa 4098 (3), pp. 529-544: 535-536

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Protosticta satoi Asahina, 1997


6. Protosticta satoi Asahina, 1997  —dark form

( Figure 5View FIGURE 5 A–K)

Protosticta khaosoidaoensis satoi: Asahina (1997)  , pp. 108–109, Figs. 3–4View FIGURE 3View FIGURE 4. Type locality: Tam Dao National Park, Vinh Phuc Province, northern Vietnam.— Tsuda (2000), p. 326 (catalogued Vietnam).

Protosticta khaosoidaoensis  nec Asahina, 1997: Do & Dang (2007), p. 65 (distribution map).

Protosticta satoi  : van Tol (2008) (new status), pp. 222–227, Figs. 11–16.— Do (2011) (serial photographs of emergence), pp. 5– 7, Figs. 1–9View FIGURE 1View FIGURE 2View FIGURE 3View FIGURE 4View FIGURE 5View FIGURE 6View FIGURE 7View FIGURE 8View FIGURE 9.—von Ellenrieder et al. (2015), p. 8, Fig. 12.

Specimens examined. 5 males, 1 female, Pia Oac Nature Reserve, Cao Bang Province, 18.V. 2015, Quoc Toan Phan leg.; 1 male, Tam Dao National Park, Vinh Phuc Province, 18.VIII. 2013; 4 males, Ba Be National Park, Bac Kan Province, 26.VII. 2013 and 4 males, same location, 22.VI. 2014, Tom Kompier leg.

Notes. Asahina (1997) described the subspecies P. khaosoidaoensis satoi  (= P. satoi  light form) on the basis of a single female from Tam Dao National Park (Vinh Phuc Province, northern Vietnam). Van Tol (2008) subsequently elevated P. s a t o i as a distinct species from P. khaosoidaoensis  based on specimens from Cuc Phuong National Park (Ninh Binh Province) and Tam Dao. As in P. beaumonti  , there are no obvious structural differences between the dark and light froms of P. s at oi, but the forms are easily separated by their thoracic color pattern ( Figs. 5View FIGURE 5 A, 5 H, 6 A, 6 C).

Van Tol (2008) described the color pattern of the prothorax of the male P. s a t o i dark form from Tam Dao National Park as “anterior lobe black, median lobe with paired protuberance brownish black, medially darker”. This character is consistent with all dark form males of P. sat  oi from several locations in northern Vietnam ( Figs. 5View FIGURE 5 B, 5 I), apart from one male from the same location (Tam Dao), which has the median lobe yellowish, anterior and posterior lobes darkened ( Fig. 5View FIGURE 5 K).

Measurements. Male. Hindwing 19–22.5; abdomen including appendages 34–42. Female. Hindwing 22, abdomen including appendages 33–34.