Protosticta linnaei

Phan, Quoc Toan & Kompier, Tom, 2016, A study of the genus Protosticta Selys, 1855, with descriptions of four new species from Vietnam (Odonata: Platystictidae), Zootaxa 4098 (3), pp. 529-544: 534

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Protosticta linnaei


4. Protosticta linnaei  van Tol, 2008

Protosticta linnaei  : van Tol (2008), pp. 229–231, Figs. 23–26. Type locality: Chu Yang Sin National Park, Dak Lak Province, southern Vietnam.— Yokoi & Souphanthong (2014), p. 26, Pl. 3, Fig. 15.

Notes. P. linnaei  was described from Chu Yang Sin National Park, Dak Lak Province of southern Vietnam based on male specimens (van Tol 2008). This is a Protosticta  species of the P. c u r i o s a group, characterized by a distinct cup-like structure dorsally on the paraprocts, although in P. linnaei  this structure is more like a triangular saucer placed on the dorsum of the apex of the paraprocts. Recently Yokoi & Souphanthong (2014) recorded P. linnaei  from Lao PDR, but they provided only a rough drawing of its anal appendages (in lateral view) and did not provide a description. For the specific identification of many species of Protosticta  a detailed examination of the anal appendages, especially the paraprocts, is required. Therefore, the material from Lao PDR needs further study to ascertain the occurrence of P. linnaei  there. The female is still unknown.

Distribution. Vietnam (Chu Yang Sin National Park, Dak Lak Province), Lao PDR (Oudomxay Province).