Protosticta caroli

Phan, Quoc Toan & Kompier, Tom, 2016, A study of the genus Protosticta Selys, 1855, with descriptions of four new species from Vietnam (Odonata: Platystictidae), Zootaxa 4098 (3), pp. 529-544: 531-532

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Protosticta caroli


2. Protosticta caroli  van Tol, 2008

( Figure 2View FIGURE 2 A–J)

Protosticta caroli  : van Tol (2008), pp. 227–229, Figs. 19–22. Type locality: Chu Yang Sin National Park, Dak Lak Province, southern Vietnam.— Yokoi & Souphanthong (2014), p. 25, Pl. 2, Fig. 11.

Specimens examined. 9 males, 2 females, Ba Na Nature Reserve, Da Nang city, 25.V. 2015, Quoc Toan Phan leg.

Notes. Van Tol (2008) described P. c a ro l i from southern Vietnam based on male specimens. The body color pattern, anal appendages and penile structure of our specimens ( Figs. 2View FIGURE 2 A–G) match the original description well, allowing identification as P. c aro l i. However, males from central Vietnam are much larger than southern specimens (hind wing 25 mm, abdomen + appendages 49–52 mm, but 20.5 mm and 39 mm in holotype, respectively). Moreover, van Tol (2008: 229) described the paraprocts of the holotype as “in ventral view forming a heart-shaped figure, (.) in posterior view a long and stout terminal spine, which is bent abaxiad, visible”, but in our specimens the left and right paraproct are somewhat separated, not forming a heart shape; the spine can be seen easily in ventral view ( Fig. 2View FIGURE 2 F).

Description of the female. Body color pattern as male. Head ( Fig. 2View FIGURE 2 H) black, with half of labrum, genae and entire anteclypeus bluish yellow; inferior margin of labrum black, forming a small dot at the middle that is absent in the male. Antennae black, but basal half of second segment pale yellow. Thoracic markings ( Fig. 2View FIGURE 2 H) similar to male; prothorax pale yellow, with a black marking on middle of anterior lobe and an all-black posterior lobe, black extending onto distal side of lateral lobes. Wings hyaline, 16 postnodal veins in forewing and 16–17 in hindwing. Pterostigma black. Abdomen black, with yellow markings as follows: S 1 with an anteroventral oval spot; in S 2, this marking extends to middle of segment; S 3–5 with ventral spots at either end of segment; S 6–7 with a yellow ventral marking; S 8 black with an anteroventral yellow mark as Fig. 2View FIGURE 2 J; S 9–10 entirely black. Ovipositor as Fig. 2View FIGURE 2 J.

Measurements. Male. Hindwing 25; abdomen including appendages 49–52. Female. Hindwing 24, abdomen including appendages 40.

Distribution. Vietnam (Ba Na Nature Reserve, Da Nang city; Chu Yang Sin National Park, Dak Lak Province; Bao Loc, Lam Dong Province), Lao PDR (Luangnamtha, Muangsing).