Bougainvillea spectabilis Willd.

DeFilipps, Robert A. & Krupnick, Gary A., 2018, The medicinal plants of Myanmar, PhytoKeys 102, pp. 1-341: 129

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Bougainvillea spectabilis Willd.


Bougainvillea spectabilis Willd. 


Myanmar: sekku-pan. English: great bougainvillea.


Native of Brazil. Cultivated elsewhere.


Plant used for medicinal purposes (exact uses not given in Nordal 1963).


Traditional practitioners in Mandsaur use the leaves for a variety of disorders, including the treatment of diarrhea and to reduce stomach acidity; the species is used elsewhere as follows- for cough and sore throat, a decoction of dried flowers (in water) is used for blood vessels and leucorrhea, a decoction of dried stems (in water) is used for hepatitis ( Edwin et al. 2007).


Nordal (1963).