Ünal, Mustafa, 2018, Tettigoniinae (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) from Turkey with key to genera and descriptions of six new species, Zootaxa 4432 (1), pp. 1-66: 7

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Subfamily: Tettigoniinae  Krauss, 1902

Remarks. The following 5 tribes of the subfamily are known from Turkey: Tettigoniini  Krauss, 1902, Gampsocleidini  Brunner, 1893, Drymadusini  Uvarov, 1924, Decticini  Herman, 1874 and Pholidopterini  Ramme, 1951 (see the key below and the check-list in the present paper). As seen in the key the tribe Decticini  may be divided into several tribes or subtribes as considered previously (such as Platycleidini  , Rhacocleidini  ). But there is not a prominent diagnostic character for these separations. For instance, the number of ventral spurs (2) of the hind tibia seems to be a good character to distinguish the Rhacocleidini  . But the genera included in this tribe are not close relatives of each other such as Rhacocleis Fieber  , Anterastes Brunner  , Sureyaella Uvarov  , which would not be a monophyletic group (see also the Remarks section of Decticini  , below).