Lemula (s. str.) pilifera Holzschuh, 1991

Ohbayashi, Nobuo & Chou, Wen-I, 2019, Revision of the genus Lemula (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lepturinae), Zootaxa 4671 (4), pp. 451-499 : 479-481

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Lemula (s. str.) pilifera Holzschuh, 1991


19. Lemula (s. str.) pilifera Holzschuh, 1991

(Figs. X-19, XI-19, XV-15)

Lemula pilifera Holzschuh, 1991: 8 , fig. 5. Type locality: Emeishan, Sichuan, China.

Diagnosis. Male: BL = 7.0– 8.1 mm. Body shiny, head and pronotum black with bluish or greenish tint; antennae black except for slightly greenish scape; elytra metallic blue-green; legs and abdomen mostly black though apical margin of abdominal ventrite V sometimes yellowish. Head provided with different length of feeble pale hairs; pronotum densely furnished with erect flying dark hairs intermixed very long ones; elytra moderately furnished with black long suberect hairs which are as long as antennomere II, becoming slanted at apical area.

Head moderately punctured; vertex distinctly raised with deep median furrow; occiput behind vertex depressed medially; antennae rather short, only reaching middle of elytra.

Pronotum sparsely covered with fine punctures except for dense punctures along apical collar, slightly shorter than width across lateral tubercles (PL/PW = 0.94) with a small rounded tubercle at middle of each side; disk well inflated with indistinct median longitudinal depression. Scutellum tongue shaped with few punctures.

Elytra slightly shorter than twice humeral width (EL/EW = 1.94), nearly parallel sided, densely covered with fine shallow punctures; disk well convex with slight elevation around scutellum.

Endophallus (Type C). Dorsal view: CT gradually narrowed to PB with weak constriction, dm elongate tongue shaped; APH widened distally and constricted near distal fourth. Lateral view: CT strongly inflated ventrally; border of PC and PB not narrowed and strongly curved dorsally with deep ventral constriction; PC rather flat in ventrally with protruded proximal corner; APH oval.

Female: BL = 7.1–9.0 mm. PL/PW = 0.97; EL/EW = 1.88. Similar to male in general appearance, and abdominal ventrites mostly black, but antennae not reaching middle of elytra, and elytra much wider.

Type material examined. Lemula pilifera Holzschuh, 1991 : Holotype ♂ ( CCH),

CHINA, SICHUAN: / Emei Shan , 2000–2500 m / Juni 1990 / Col. C. Holzschuh ”, “ HOLOTYPUS / Lemula / pilifera n. sp. / det. C. Holzschuh 1991 ” .

Other material examined. [ China]: Emeishan (峨眉m), Leshan , Sichuan [1♀ (paratype), 2,000–2,500 m, VI- 1990, col. C. Holzschuh ( CCH); 1♀, 1,800–2,100 m, 4-VI-1998, W.-I Chou leg.; 2♂♂, 4♀♀, Sorbus , 14-VI-2011, W.-I Chou leg. (G-1004, 1005); 1♀, Jiulinggang, 1,800 m, 29-V-2017, W.-X. Bi leg.; 1♀, Houshan, 2,150 m, 26- V-2017, W.-X. Bi leg.]; Xiling Xueshan (西嶺¶m), Dayi-xian, Sichuan [1♀, 1,650 m, Aesculus , 4-VI-2000, W.-I Chou leg.] .

Distribution. China (Sichuan).

Ecology. Flight period: May–June. Flower records: Sorbus , Aesculus .

Remarks. This species is characterized by rather short antennae, distinctly long elytral hairs and mostly black abdominal ventrites in the both sexes. It is similar in the endophallic structure to L. (s. str.) par or L. (s. str.) shaanxiensis by latero-ventral view of PC which is proximally produced, and distinguishable from L. (s. str.) fracta or L. (s. str.) holzschuhi by the roundly inflated PC in latero-ventral view.


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Lemula (s. str.) pilifera Holzschuh, 1991

Ohbayashi, Nobuo & Chou, Wen-I 2019

Lemula pilifera

Holzschuh, C. 1991: 8