Therophilus tumidulus (Nees, 1812),

Scaramozzino, Pier Luigi, Loni, Augusto & Lucchi, Andrea, 2017, A review of insect parasitoids associated with Lobesiabotrana (Denis & Schiffermueller, 1775) in Italy. 1. DipteraTachinidae and HymenopteraBraconidae (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae), ZooKeys 647, pp. 67-100: 77

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Therophilus tumidulus (Nees, 1812)


Therophilus tumidulus (Nees, 1812) 

Microdus tumidulus  Nees: Luciano et al. 1988

Italian distribution of reared parasitoids.

Sardinia: Luciano et al. 1988


Therophilus tumidulus  is widespread in the Palearctic area: throughout Europe, Morocco, Russia, Caucasus, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia as far as Japan and China ( Yu 1997-2012; Yu et al. 2012).

Host range.

The species is known as larval parasitoid of Lepidoptera  Momphidae  , Gelechiidae  , Depressariidae  and especially Tortricidae  , including the vine tortrix  moth Sparganothis pilleriana  ( Voukassovitch 1924, Villemant et al. 2012).

Ecological role.

Therophilus tumidulus  was the second most frequent larval parasitoid of EGVM on Daphne gnidium  in Sardinia, after Phytomyptera nigrina  , with parasitism rates ranging from 12.5 to 24.1% in the first generation and 8.6% in the third generation. Telenga (1934) mentioned this species as one of the main parasitoids of EGVM in Crimea vineyards.