Poa ligulata Boiss., Voy. Bot. Espagne 2: 659. 1842.

Ortega-Olivencia, Ana & Devesa, Juan A., 2018, Updated checklist of Poa in the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands, PhytoKeys 103, pp. 27-60: 27

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Poa ligulata Boiss., Voy. Bot. Espagne 2: 659. 1842.


16. Poa ligulata Boiss., Voy. Bot. Espagne 2: 659. 1842. 

Poa concinna var. membranacea  Boiss., Elench. Pl. Nov. 89. 1838, nom. subst. ( Burdet et al. 1981 stated that they had not seen material corresponding to this taxon in herbarium G; however, they forget that this name has been replaced by P. ligulata  and, therefore, the type material is the same).

Poa djurdjurae  Trab. in Batt. & Trab., Fl. Alger 207. 1884. [Type: "Col de Tirourda (juin 1883)"].

Poa paui  Font Quer, Iter Marocc. n. 34. 1928, nom. in sched. [Type: "Hab. in glareosis calc. montis Tisuka (Gomara), 2100 m. / alt.; 13 junii." (lectotype designated here: "Dr. Font Quer. − Iter Maroccanum, 1928 / 34. Poa paui  F. Q., sp. nov. / Hab. in glareosis calc. montis Tisuka (Gomara), 2100 m. / alt.; 13 junii. / Descr.: Poa ligulata  affinis, sed folia subquadruplo lon-/ giora, ligulis subduplo elongatis et angustioribus; panicula laxa  , / glumis virescentibus, spiculis majoribus." (label printed): BC 70616, lower central specimen; isolectotypes designated here: BC 70616a, b, and c; MA 11378; GDA 31039)].

Poa ligulata var. paui  (Font Quer) Maire, Bull. Soc. Sci. Nat. Maroc 11: 113. 1931.

Poa ligulata var. djurdjurae  (Trab.) Maire, Bull. Soc. Hist. Nat. Afrique N. 22: 323. 1931.

Poa membranacea  (Boiss.) C. Vicioso, Anales Jard. Bot. Madrid 2: 192. 1942, nom. illeg.; Anales Jard. Bot. Madrid, 6(2): 13. 1946.

Poa ligulata var. eu-ligulata  Maire & Weiller in Maire, Fl. Afrique N. 3: 87. 1955, nom. inval.

Poa ligulata var. mauretanica  Maire, Fl. Afrique N. 3: 88. 1955. [Type: "M. Beni Snassen au Ras Foughal! (E.); Moyen Atlas ! (M., J., E.) ; Rif (F.-Q., M.)"].

Ill. Bolòs and Vigo (2001: 378), Devesa (1987: 265), Fig. 4.


[Loc. ind. "Hab. in glareosis frigidis in sumâ Sierra Tejeda et in Sierra Nevada loco Corral dicto"] (lectotype designated by Hernández Cardona 1978, pg. 267, 358: top specimen on the right, G 00418689!, Herb.-Boiss.; isolectotypes: G 00418689a, b, c!, Herb.-Boiss.; ex herbier Reuter-Barbey, G 00418691!, 00418691a!; ex herbier De Candolle, G00418690!; vide Burdet et al. 1981, pg. 578).


(April) May to July.


Rocky places, pastures in protosols and stony places, on limestone and dolomite, less frequently on schist or gypsum; (700) 740−3200 m a.s.l.


Iberian Peninsula and NW Africa. E half of Spain, rarer towards the W. Spa.: (A) (Ab) Al Bu Ca Cc Cs CR Cu Gr Gu J Le Lo M Ma Mu Na (Or) P S Sg Se So Te To V Z. For a representative list of studied materials, see Suppl. material 1.


This species is unmistakable because of its large ligules, which are very exerted, decurrent on the leaf sheath-especially those of the base and shoots-and pearly white, which makes its white-green tufts very striking. Its presence is indicated for the first time in the region of Extremadura (Spain).