Bumba Perez-Miles , Bonaldo & Miglio, 2014

Perez-Miles, Fernando, Bonaldo, Alexandre Bragio & Miglio, Laura Tavares, 2014, Bumba, a replacement name for Maraca Perez-Miles, 2005 and Bumbalennoni, a new tarantula species from western Amazonia (Araneae, Theraphosidae, Theraphosinae), ZooKeys 448, pp. 1-8: 2-3

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Bumba Perez-Miles , Bonaldo & Miglio, 2014


Taxon classification Animalia Araneae Theraphosidae

Genus Bumba Perez-Miles, Bonaldo & Miglio, 2014 

Iracema  Pérez-Miles, 2000: 141 (pre-occupied, nec Iracema  Trique, 1996).

Maraca  Pérez-Miles, 2005: 247 (pre-occupied, nec Maraca  Hebard, 1926).


Bumba  differs from other genera of Theraphosinae  in the combined presence of type IV urticating hairs, retrolateral process in male palpal tibiae, palpal bulb resting in a ventral distal excavation of palpal tibia, male metatatarsus I passing between tibial spurs when flexed, and spiniform setae on prolateral and retrolateral maxillae and coxae I–IV.

Type species.

Bumba cabocla  ( Pérez-Miles, 2000), comb. n.


Bumba (feminine) is taken from Brazilian theatrical folk tradition of the popular festival called Boi-bumbá (hit my bull), which takes place annually in North and Northeastern Brazil.

New combinations.

Bumba cabocla  ( Pérez-Miles, 2000), comb. n.; Bumba horrida  (Schmidt, 1994), comb. n.; and Bumba pulcherrimaklaasi  (Schmidt, 1991), comb. n.