Stefaniella Kieffer, 1898

Elsayed, Ayman Khamis, Skuhravá, Marcela, Karam, Hedaya Hamza, Elminshawy, Abdelaziz & Al-Eryan, Mohamed Awad, 2015, New records and new species of gall midges (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) developing on Chenopodiaceae in Egypt, Zootaxa 3904 (1), pp. 105-115: 112

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Stefaniella Kieffer, 1898


Genus Stefaniella Kieffer, 1898 

The genus Stefaniella  contains 9 Palaearctic species, 8 species on Atriplex  spp. and one on Chenopodium vulvaria  L. ( Chenopodiaceae  ) ( Gagné & Jaschhof 2014). The genus Stefaniella  can be characterized by the following combination of morphological characters ( Fedotova 1991 b, Dorchin & Freidberg 2008): antenna 2 + 10 or 2 + 9 - segmented if two ultimate flagellomeres fused; palpi two-segmented; ovipositor telescopic, with straight, posteriorly pointed aculeus bearing 2 rows of straight or apically curved setae, a lateral plate that bears short setae, and a rectangular apical lamella.