Lamida Walker, 1859: 252

Ranjan, Rahul, Singh, Navneet & Kirti, Jagbir Singh, 2022, A new genus, three new species and a new species record of Epipaschiinae (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) from India, Zootaxa 5222 (4), pp. 385-394 : 388-390

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Lamida Walker, 1859: 252


Genus Lamida Walker, 1859: 252

Type species: Lamida moncusalis Walker, 1859 , by monotypy.

= Allata Walker, 1863

Type species: Allata penicillata Walker, 1863 , by monotypy.

Diagnosis: Externally, the genus Lamida is mainly identified by the 2 nd segment of the labial palpi being hollowed out for various lengths to hold the scales of the maxillary palpi (except in L. buruensis ) and the antenna with basal joint bearing a short, blunt, scaled projection in L. moncusalis Walker, 1859 and L. obscura ( Moore, 1888) and without any process in L. mediobarbalis ( Hampson, 1916) and L. buruensis Janse, 1931 . The genus Lamida exhibits similarities with Canipsa in the presence of the apico-lateral uncus lobes or processes and the apical processes of the juxta. However, Lamida is distinct in having shorter apico-lateral uncus arms and longer apical juxta processes. The species of Lamida exhibits sexual dimorphism.

Taxonomic notes: The genus Lamida was originally described in the family Noctuidae . Hampson (1896a, b) considered Lamida as a sub-section of Macalla with eight species from the world. Solis (1992 [1993]) catalogued four species of Lamida , i.e., L. buruensis Janse, 1931 ( Indonesia, Buru), L. mediobarbalis ( Hampson, 1916) (Sikhim [Sikkim]), L. moncusalis Walker, [1859] (Hindostan) (= Allata penicillata Walker, 1863 , Hindostan), and L. obscura ( Moore, 1888) ( India, Darjeeling) (= Macalla sordidalis Hampson, 1916 , = Macalla proximalis ( Caradja, 1925) ( China, Canton)). After Solis (1992 [1993]) the taxonomy of Lamida remained unattended and thus remained unchanged with all species mentioned above maintaining the distribution records, except L. buruensis , which is here for the first time recorded from India ( Singh et al. 2022).

Distribution: India ( Snellen 1890, Hampson 1896b, Mathew & Menon 1984, Solis 1992 [1993], Sanyal et al. 2012), Borneo, Sarawak, Bhutan, China, Nepal ( Hampson 1896b, 1916; Caradja 1925, Yamanaka 2000).












Lamida Walker, 1859: 252

Ranjan, Rahul, Singh, Navneet & Kirti, Jagbir Singh 2022


Walker, F. 1859: 252
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