Afronaso malagasicus, Gnezdilov, Vladimir M. & Bourgoin, Thierry, 2009

Gnezdilov, Vladimir M. & Bourgoin, Thierry, 2009, First record of the family Caliscelidae (Hemiptera: Fulgoroidea) from Madagascar, with description of new taxa from the Afrotropical Region and biogeographical notes, Zootaxa 2020, pp. 1-36 : 30-32

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Afronaso malagasicus

sp. n.

Afronaso malagasicus sp. n.

(figs 58–60, 104 – 109)

Type material. Holotype 3: Madagascar: I.S. Madagascar, forêt d’Ambohitantely [100 km N of Antananarivo], 21–23.XII. [19] 47, R.P. ( IRSNB).

Description (figs 58–60). General characters are the same as for A. gryphus sp. n. Surface of proboscis smooth or weakly striated. Coryphe rectangular.

Coloration (figs 58–60). Most part of metope, including proboscis, postclypeus, and genae black. Upper part of metope, coryphe, dorsal part of pronotum and scutellum reddish brown. Rostrum light yellowish brown, with black apex. Lateral parts of pronotum and scutellum black. Dorsal side of the body from upper part of metope to anal tube with white median stripe (wide from coryphe to fore wings and narrow on abdomen). Fore wings dark brown or black, with white costal margins. Ventral side of the body, including legs, light yellowish brown. Middle epimera and hind epimera and episternae black. Apices of spines of legs black. Abdominal tergites black, excluding white lateral margins. Abdominal sternites black, excluding light yellowish brown middle part. Pygofer and styles brown. Anal tube dark brown or black.

Male genitalia (figs 104–109). General characters are the same as for A. gryphus sp. n. Hind margin of pygofer with rounded subapical process. Style with convex margin under the capitulum.

Etymology. The species name is derived from Madagascan ethnic group “ Malagasy ”.

Comparison. The species differs from the closely related A. gryphus sp. n. by the following features: black general coloration; rather smooth proboscis; hind margin of pygofer with rounded subapical process (fig. 107); style with convex margin under the capitulum (fig. 108).

Afronaso gryphus , paratype, male genitalia: 99 —penis, connective, and style, right side, lateral view; 100 —penis, ventral view; 101 —pygofer, lateral view; 102 —anal tube, dorsal view; 103 —anal tube, lateral view.


Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique