Trichrysis pellucida (du Buysson, 1887)

Rosa, Paolo, Wei, Na-sen, Feng, Jun & Xu, Zai-fu, 2016, Revision of the genus Trichrysis Lichtenstein, 1876 from China, with description of three new species (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae), Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift 63 (1), pp. 109-136: 120-123

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Trichrysis pellucida (du Buysson, 1887)


Taxon classification Animalia Hymenoptera Chrysididae

Trichrysis pellucida (du Buysson, 1887)  Figs 49-54, 101

Chrysis pellucida  du Buysson, 1887: 183. Syntypes, ♂♂♀, China, Turkey ( MNHN).

Chrysis (Trichrysis) buyssoni  Mocsáry, 1889: 323. Replacement name for Chrysis pellucida  du Buysson 1887 nec Brugmoia pellucida  Radoszkowski, 1877.

Chrysis pellucida  du Buysson: du Buysson 1898a: 525; du Buysson 1899: 164; du Buysson 1900: 144.

Chrysis (Trichrysis) pellucida  du Buysson: Bischoff 1913: 46; Tsuneki 1953b: 25; Linsenmaier 1959: 169.

Chrysis (Trichrysis) mongolica  Mocsáry, 1914: 24. Lectotype, ♀, designated by Bohart in Kimsey and Bohart 1991: 571; Mongolia ( HNHM) (examined) (synonymised by Kimsey and Bohart 1991: 571).

Chrysis (Monochrysis) coreana  Uchida, 1927: 153. Syntype, ♀, Korea: Suigen ( EIHU) (synonymised by Tsuneki 1947: 47).

Chrysis (Trichrysis) neptunia  Semenov, 1967: 162. Holotype, ♀, Korea: Pal’Makh ( ZIN) (examined) (synomymised by Kimsey and Bohart 1991: 571).

Trichrysis buyssoni  ( Mocsáry): Kimsey and Bohart 1991: 571; Ha et al. 2008: 73.

Trichrysis coreana  (Uchida); Kimsey and Bohart 1991: 571; Ha et al. 2008: 73.

Trichrysis pellucida  (du Buysson): Rosa et al. 2014: 77.

Material examined.

CHINA: Lectotype ♀ (here designated): Chine <deposited in the Abeille de Perrin collection> / Lectotypus Chrysis pellucida  Buyss. ♀ P. Rosa vidit 2016 ( MNHN); KOREA: [Kor: Pal’Makh 19.VI.900], sp. n. pr. Pellucidam  Buyss., ♀ neptunia  A. Semenov-Tian-Shansky det. XI.09 / holotypus ( ZIN); 12♀♀, Keikido Shoyozan 2.VII.1943 K. Tsuneki ( NMLS). MONGOLIA: Mongolia / mongolica  Mocs. det. Mocsáry typ. <handwritten in red> / red label / Chrysis  L. pellucida  Buyss. Linsenmaier det. 59 / Lectotypus Chrysis mongolica  Mocs. ♀ RM Bohart / id nr. 135554 HNHM Hym. Coll. ( HNHM). CHINA: 1♀, Liaoning, Shenyang Froest Park (42°01 ’64’’ N, 123°43 ’38’’ E), 15.VII.2011, leg. C-j. Yan et al. (SCAU); 1♀, Liaoning, Laotuziding Nature Reserve (41°19 ’7’’ N, 124°52 ’27’’ E), 18.VII.2011, leg. K-x. Zhao (SCAU); 1♀, Hunan, Ningxiang, Huangcai woodland, VII.1981 (SCAU).


Trichrysis pellucida  (du Buysson, 1887) is similar to Trichrysis yuani  sp. n. for habitus, but it can be easily separated from the latter by: body length 9.0-10.0 mm; body dark blue to violet, or occasionally dark green with bluish areas; apex of T3 with sharp median tooth (Fig. 54); F1 l/w = 3.5.


Female. Body length 9.0-10.0 mm.

Head. Scapal basin deep and punctate (Fig. 50). TFC single, slightly inverted V-shaped. Relative length of P:F1:F2:F3=1.0:1.7 –1.8:1.0:0.6– 0.7; F1 l/w=3.5; OOL=2.0-2.4 MOD; BOL=1.5 MOD; POL=1.9-2.0 MOD; MS=1.2 MOD; clypeal apex almost truncate.

Mesosoma. Pronotal groove deep, extending to 3/4 length of pronotum; sublateral carina distinct and complete (Fig. 51). Punctuation on mesosoma dense, with consistent punctures relatively deep and small (about 0.5 MOD), subequally interspaced; interspaces punctate. Deep episternal sulcus with large foveate punctures; scrobal sulcus with large transversal areolate punctures (Fig. 52). Hind basitarsus l/w = 5.

Metasoma. Punctures on T1 and T2 geminate, smaller than punctures on mesosoma (Fig. 53); interspaces punctate. T2 and T3 with median carinae. T3 with coarse punctuation and strigate sculpture on depression before pre pit row; T3 prepit bulge markedly convex; pit row with round pits, remarkably large and deep, not fused; post pit row area deep and elongated (Fig. 49). Apex of T3 with one sharp median tooth and two blunt lateral teeth; interval between median tooth and lateral tooth usually straight (Fig. 54). S2 black spots medially fused (Fig. 101).

Colouration. Body dark blue to violet; rarely dark green with blackish areas. Scape blue to violet, pedicel and flagellum black. Tegula blackish-brown, with metallic reflections partly. Legs metallic bluish-green, with tarsi blackish-brown, without metallic reflections, or with occasionally weak reflections. Sternites greenish-blue.

Male. Not available for this study.


China (Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Beijing, Hunan); Middle East to China and Russian Far East ( Kimsey and Bohart 1991; Kurzenko and Lelej 2007).


The description of Chrysis pellucida  du Buysson was based on one female collected in China and two males collected in Turkey, all originated from the Abeille de Perrin collection. At MNHN, one Turkish male is deposited in the general collection (ex du Buysson collection); the other Turkish male and the Chinese female are deposited in the Abeille de Perrin collection. We here select the female specimen labelled as “Chine” as the lectotype. It matches the current interpretation of the species and it is in perfect condition.

Chrysis (Trichrysis) buyssoni  Mocsáry, 1889 is a replacement name for Chrysis pellucida  du Buysson, 1887 nec Brugmoia pellucida  Radoszkowski, 1877. Mocsáry (1889) included the two species in the genus Chrysis  : subgenera Trichrysis  Lichtenstein and Euchroeus  Latreille (1809). However, Chrysis pellucida  du Buysson and Brugmoia pellucida  Radoszkowski are not congeneric, and after Mocsáry (1889) nobody else considered Euchroeus  (or Brugmoia  ) as a synonym or a subgenus of Chrysis  . According to the Code ( ICZN 1999: Art. 59), we use the original name Trichrysis pellucida  (du Buysson), following the interpretation given by Linsenmaier (1959).

Trichrysis coreana  Uchida, 1927 was considered as a valid taxon by Kimsey and Bohart (1991). However, we follow Tsuneki’s (1953b) interpretation of this taxon. Tsuneki (1947) examined Uchida’s collection and placed Trichrysis coreana  in synonymy with Trichrysis pellucida  . This synonym is also confirmed by the original description and drawing given by Uchida (1927).














Trichrysis pellucida (du Buysson, 1887)

Rosa, Paolo, Wei, Na-sen, Feng, Jun & Xu, Zai-fu 2016

Trichrysis buyssoni

Lichtenstein 1876

Trichrysis coreana

Lichtenstein 1876

Trichrysis pellucida

Lichtenstein 1876