Haddad, Charles R. & Bosselaers, Jan, 2010, A revision of the genus Medmassa Simon, 1887 (Araneae: Corinnidae) in the Afrotropical Region, Zootaxa 2361, pp. 1-12: 3

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Medmassa  Simon, 1887

Type species: Medmassa frenata  (Simon, 1877) from the Philippines.

Diagnosis (after Deeleman-Reinhold 2001). Spiders of the genus Medmassa  can be recognised from other Castianeirinae  by the presence of a male palpal RTA that is often forked, the U-shaped sperm duct that lacks an additional loop, and the cymbium with a deep ventral furrow distally. The female epigyne has the copulatory openings located anteriorly and simple large round or oval spermathecae not divided into two distinct regions. Both sexes bear 7-10 pairs of ventral spines on the anterior tibiae, a character shared only with the ant-mimicking genus Pranburia  Deeleman-Reinhold, 1992.