Homalota Mannerheim

Kim, Yoon-Ho & Ahn, Kee-Jeong, 2014, Taxonomy of the genus Homalota Mannerheim in Korea (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae), ZooKeys 447, pp. 109-123: 110

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Homalota Mannerheim


Taxon classification Animalia Coleoptera Staphylinidae

Genus Homalota Mannerheim 

Homalota  Mannerheim, 1830: 73. Type species. Aleochara plana  Gyllenhal, 1810.


Body strongly to moderately dorsoventrally flattened, parallel-sided. Head almost as wide as pronotum or slightly narrower than pronotum. Eye moderate in size, almost as long as tempora. Infraorbital carina well developed, complete. Labium with two palpomeres, ligula as long as palpomere 1, its apical half bifid. Scutellum postero-medially round. Mesocoxae narrowly separated, isthmus present, less than about half of mesocoxae length. Male tergite VIII with modified processes in males (most species) or in both sexes (some species).

Key to the species of the genus Homalota  Mannerheim in Korea