Gelanes Horstmann, 1981,

Kim, Ki-Beom, Balueva, Ekaterina N., Khalaim, Andrei I. & Lee, Jong-Wook, 2013, The genus Gelanes Horstmann (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Tersilochinae) from South Korea, with description of four new species, Zootaxa 3716 (3), pp. 417-430: 418

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Gelanes Horstmann, 1981


Genus Gelanes Horstmann, 1981 

Gelanes Horstmann, 1981: 10  . TS: Thersilochus fusculus Holmgren, 1860 

The genus Gelanes  is recorded from South Korea for the first time. It is unknown from China, and therefore this is the southernmost record of Gelanes  in the Eastern Palaearctic, extending the known distribution far southwards. This genus belongs to the genus group Tersilochus (Horstmann, 1981)  by having a first metasomal segment with glymma joining by furrow to ventral part of postpetiole. Within this genus group, Gelanes  is closely related to Probles Förster  , but it differs from the genus group by having a first metasomal segment with very short petiole (glymma and spiracle usually situated before middle of the first tergite), shorter (or lacking) foveate groove of mesopleuron and usually shorter thyridial depression. The Palaearctic genus Allophroides Horstmann  (not recorded from South Korea) possesses similar first tergite, but differs from Gelanes  by pectinate tarsal claws, densely granulate head, mesosoma  and first tergite, and conspicuously enlarged eyes in males.