Paratrechina docilis (Forel

Wild, A. L., 2007, A catalogue of the ants of Paraguay (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)., Zootaxa 1622, pp. 1-55: 45

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Paratrechina docilis (Forel


Paratrechina docilis (Forel  HNS  1908b). NEW STATUS.

Prenolepis vividula subsp. docilis Forel  HNS  1908b: 402. [w syntypes examined, MHNG; São Paulo, Brazil]  .

Paratrechina (Nylanderia) vividula subsp. docilis (Forel)  HNS  . Emery 1925: 223.

Nylanderia vividula docilis (Forel)  HNS  . Kempf 1972: 168.

Pararechina vividula docilis (Forel)  HNS  . Brandão 1991: 368.

Forel’s P. docilis  HNS  , described from southeastern Brazil and recorded in eastern Paraguay from a variety of forest habitats, cannot be considered conspecific with the cosmopolitan tramp species P. vividula (Nylander)  HNS  . Paratrechina vividula  HNS  is likely native to North America (Trager 1984) and has not been recorded from Paraguay. Several consistent morphological differences separate the workers of the two forms. The pilosity on the antennal scapes of P. vividula  HNS  is fine, sparse, and shorter in length than the width of the scape, whereas the pilosity on the scapes of P. docilis  HNS  is stout, black, and at least as long as the width of the scape. The gastric pubescence of P. docilis  HNS  is sparser than that of P. vividula  HNS  , and color of P. docilis  HNS  is normally a clear orange-yellow, lighter than the testaceous to brown color range seen in P. vividula  HNS  .


Switzerland, Geneva, Museum d'Histoire Naturelle