Sirenko, Boris, 2018, Taiwanese deep-water chitons (Mollusca: Polyplacophora) and survey of chiton fauna of Taiwan, Zootaxa 4422 (3), pp. 301-344: 325

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Leptochiton  sp.

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Material examined. Taiwan, Bashi channel N/O Fishery Researcher 1, “ TAIWAN 2000”, stn CP38, 21°32.1’N, 120°48.1’E, 1314–1317 m, 2 spms, BL 15.0 mm, 0 1.08.2000.

Remarks. The two specimens from Taiwan have a tegmental sculpture very similar to that of specimens from the Solomon Islands identified as Leptochiton vietnamensis Sirenko, 1998  ( Sirenko 2016a). The specimens from the Solomon Islands and Taiwan are similar to L vietnamensis  by their numerous aesthetes in each granule, by having protruding aesthete caps, in radula morphology and in having spicules on the girdle, but differ by the sculpture of the tegmentum. Raised granules are arranged in distinct longitudinal rows with interstices on the central area of intermediate valves and on the antemucronal area of the tail valve in L. vietnamensis  . However, on the same areas of specimens from Solomon Islands and from Taiwan, longitudinal rows of flattened granules are hardly visible and evident only near the apex, but other surfaces of the central and postmucronal areas have granules arranged in a random manner. In order to clear up the taxonomical status of the specimens it is necessary to carry out additional examinations of all species of the L. vietnamensis  group i.e., L. rissoi (Nierstrasz, 1905)  and Leptochiton  sp. from the Solomon Islands.