Leptochiton bergenhayni Saito, 2011

Sirenko, Boris, 2018, Taiwanese deep-water chitons (Mollusca: Polyplacophora) and survey of chiton fauna of Taiwan, Zootaxa 4422 (3), pp. 301-344: 308-312

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Leptochiton bergenhayni Saito, 2011


Leptochiton bergenhayni Saito, 2011 

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Leptосhitоn bergenhayni Sаito 2011  : 68, figs 2E–F View Figure , 4 View Figure .

Type material. Holotype (NMNS-Mo 77251).

Type locality. Omurodashi Bank, 34°29.8'N, 139°29.3'E–34°30.1'N, 139°29.4'E, 92–95 m.

Material examined. Taiwan, off Tashi, Fishing Boat Chung Tung Long N 26, stn CP81, 24º50.5’N, 121º59.5’E, 205 m, 1 spm, BL 7.5 mm, 0 8.05.2001.GoogleMaps 

Distribution. Near Japan (Izu Islands and Boso Peninsula) (71–105 m: Saito 2011) and near Taiwan (205 m). The species was found near Taiwan for the first time and this find extends the distribution and depth of this species considerably.The specimen from Taiwan has some differences in color and girdle armature and I decided to give description of it.

Description. Specimen (BL 7.5 mm) elongate oval, shell evenly rounded, moderately elevated (elevation ratio 0.39), tegmentum white in color.

Head valve semicircular, noticeably wider than tail valve, intermediate valve broadly rectangular, two and a half times wider than long, anterior margin slightly concave in jugal area, posterior margin straight, side margin evenly rounded, lateral area not raised, tail valve semicircular, mucro central, postmucronal slope slightly concave.

Tegmentum uniformly sculptured with rounded or oval granules arranged quincuncially, each granule with one megalaesthete and 8 micraesthetes.

Articulamentum moderately developed, apophyses small, widely separated, subtriangular in valves II-VII, more or less trapezoidal in tail valve.

Girdle rather narrow, ca. 0.9 mm wide near valve V, dorsally covered with wide, flattened, slightly curved scales (70 x 42 µm) sculptured with 10–13 ribs. Intersegmental areas with longer scales (90 x 35 µm) of the same type as main dorsal armature, and long smooth needles (150 x 17 µm). Marginal needles of two kinds: long, smooth (213 x 17 µm), and flattened, ribbed on one side needles (100 x 21 µm). Ventral side covered with imbricated, flat, elongate scales (50 x 20 µm), one row near outer margin occupied with larger scales (56 x 30 µm) with two-four riblets in upper half of ventral side of scale.

Ten gills on each side, extending from valve VI to anus.

Radula 3.0 mm long, with 23 transverse rows of mature teeth, rather wide with wide blade, major lateral teeth with unidentate, sharply pointed cusp.

Remarks. The specimen from Taiwan differs from the type material of L. bergenhayni  by having a white tegmentum (vs. beige with irregular white maculation in types of L. bergenhayni  ), long smooth marginal needles (vs. only grooved marginal needles in types of L. bergenhayni  ), ventral scales near margin with 2–4 ribs in distal part (vs. keeled at distal half in types of L. bergenhayni  ). Taking into account the difference in habitat depth and distance between the type locality ( Japan) and the Taiwan population, I consider these morphological differences within the range of intraspecific variation for L. bergenhayni  .

Leptochiton bergenhayni  belongs to the group of Leptochiton belknapi Dall, 1878  as defined by Sirenko (2015). It is similar to the species Leptochiton ater Saito, 1997  , L. japonicus Thiele, 1909  , L. fijiensis Sirenko, 2016  and L. taiwanensis  n. sp. Leptochiton bergenhayni  differs from L. ater  , L. japonicus  and L. fijiensis  by having nine aesthetes on each granule (vs. 5–7 aesthetes in L. ater  , 5 in L. japonicus  and 11–13 in L. fijiensis  ) and 10–12 ribs on dorsal scales (vs. 4–6 ribs in L. ater  , 7 ribs in L. japonicus  , 6–7 in L. fijiensis  ). Moreover L. bergenhayni  differs from L. ater  and L. fijiensis  by having central mucro (posterior in L. ater  , anterior in L. fijiensis  ). L. bergenhayni  also differs from L. japonicus  by having rounded intermediate valve (vs subcarinated in L. japonicus  ). For the differences separating L. bergenhayni  from L. taiwanensis  n. sp. see below under Remarks for L. taiwanensis  n. sp.














Leptochiton bergenhayni Saito, 2011

Sirenko, Boris 2018


bergenhayni Sаito 2011

bergenhayni Sаito 2011 : 68