Ferreiraella Sirenko, 1988

Sirenko, Boris, 2018, Taiwanese deep-water chitons (Mollusca: Polyplacophora) and survey of chiton fauna of Taiwan, Zootaxa 4422 (3), pp. 301-344: 303

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Ferreiraella Sirenko, 1988


Genus Ferreiraella Sirenko, 1988 

Type species. Ferreiraella caribbensis Sirenko, 1988  , by OD.

Genus distribution. Western Pacific (from Japan to New Zealand, including Taiwan, Vietnam, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Fiji and Solomon Islands), eastern Pacific (from California to Gulf of Panama) and the Caribbean Sea, 475–6780 m. Early Oligocene–Recent. A chiton head valve was found in the early Oligocene deep-sea deposits at a wood-fall in Washington State ( Kiel & Goedert 2006). It was identified as Leptochiton  sp. After my own careful examination of this valve ( USNMAbout USNM 531405), I believe it belongs to Ferreiraella  because it is rather wide and has an arrangement of aesthete pores that is very typical for the genus Ferreiraella  . Judging from the disjunctive distribution of the deep water inhabiting ferreiraellids, their origin may be from the end of the Paleozoic ( Sirenko 1988).


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