Peltoides (Micropeltoides) opacus (Gerstaecker, 1871)

Schawaller, Wolfgang & Grimm, Roland, 2014, The genus Alphitobius Stephens (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae, Alphitobiini) in Africa and adjacent islands, ZooKeys 415, pp. 169-190: 185

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Peltoides (Micropeltoides) opacus (Gerstaecker, 1871)

comb. n.

Peltoides (Micropeltoides) opacus (Gerstaecker, 1871)  comb. n.

Alphitobius opacus  Gerstaecker, 1871

Diaclina opaca  (Gerstaecker, 1871) sensu Gebien (1940)

Peltoides (Micropeltoides) crypticoides  Pic, 1916, syn. n.

Type specimens examined.

Ugano, leg. v. d. Decken, no. 56752, no further data, holotype of opacus MNB. - Fort Crampel, no further data, holotype of crypticoides MNHN.

New material.

Benin, Kokora, 52 km N Save, 21.VI.2001, leg. F. & L. Kantner, 1 ex. SMNS. - Uganda, Bwamba Forest, 2500 ft. (760 m), III.1948, leg. J. G. Williams, 1 ex. SMNS. - Angola, Huila Province, 20 km S Caluquembe, 6.-7.XI.2011, leg. P. Schüle, 1 ex. SMNS. - Guinea (labelled as French Guinea), Region Kindia, Ségueia, 10.V.1951, leg. J. Bechyné, 4 ex. NHMB, 1 ex. CRG. - SE Cameroon, Lolodorf, leg. L. Conradt, 1895, 1 ex. NHMB. - Tanzania (labelled as Deutsch Ostafrika), [residual label unreadable], 1 ex. NHMB. - Zambia, Ikengele, Nchila Reserve, 6.XI.2002, leg. F. Wachtel, 1 ex. CRG.

Type localities.

“Ugano-Berge” (opacus), "Fort Crampel (Kaga Bandora)" (crypticoides).


The examination of the type of Alphitobius opacus  Gerstaecker, 1871 shows, that the original assignment to Alphitobius  is wrong and that this species must be transferred to the genus Peltoides  Laporte, 1832, subgenus Micropeltoides  Pic, 1916, because of entirely different body shape, different shape of antennomeres, and different shape of male genitalia with the base of basale not asymmetrical as in Alphitobiini  . The type of Peltoides (Micropeltoides) crypticoides  Pic, 1916 fully coincide with opacus, and is thus a junior synonym.


Tanzania (type locality opacus), Central African Republic (type locality of crypticoides); Senegal ( Ardoin 1963b), Ivory Coast ( Ardoin 1969), Mali, The Gambia ( Grimm 2002, all under Peltoides (Micropeltoides) crypticoides  ); Benin, Cameroon, Guinea, Uganda, Angola, Zambia (new records).