Lathropus pictus Schwarz, 1878

Thomas, Michael C., 2010, A review of Lathropus Erichson (Coleoptera: Laemophloeidae) in Florida and the West Indies, excluding the Lesser Antilles, Insecta Mundi 2010 (120), pp. 1-21 : 3-8

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Lathropus pictus Schwarz


Lathropus pictus Schwarz

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Lathropus pictus Schwarz 1878: 358 Lathropus costatus Grouvelle 1902: 763 ; synonymy by Thomas 1993: 43 Diagnosis. Length, 1.06mm - 1.44mm. The combination of the following character states is diagnostic for this species: color yellowish brown; elytra with irregular dark blotches ( Fig. 3 View Figure 1-4 ); pronotal margins distinctly undulating ( Fig. 23 View Figure 19-24 ); sublateral line of pronotum partially effaced, represented by a shallow groove ( Fig. 23 View Figure 19-24 ); male genitalia as in Fig. 35 View Figure 34-37 .

Distribution. From Florida throughout the West Indies, and Mexico. It has been recorded specifically in the literature from Mexico ( Sharp 1899), Guadeloupe ( Grouvelle 1902), Florida ( Schwarz 1878), U.S. Virgin Islands ( Thomas 1993), and the Bahamas ( Turnbow and Thomas 2008). The specimens recorded below represent many of the islands of the West Indies from the Greater Antilles through the Lesser Antilles south to Grenada.

Specimens examined: 127, USA: Florida: Alachua Co.: Gainesville ; Bay Co.: 25.6496 -80.41075 GoogleMaps ; Brevard Co.: Cape Canaveral ; Broward Co.: 1 mi. N. Andytown ; Ft. Lauderdale; Collier Co.: Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park ; Dade Co.: 25.69951 -80.31346 GoogleMaps ; Coral Gables, Camp Mahachee; Miami, Deering Estate Park; Highlands Co.: Highlands Hammock State Park ; Monroe Co.: Key Largo ; Palm Beach Co.: Jupiter ; Loxahatchee; Putnam Co.: Katherine Ordway Pres .; Santa Rosa Co.: 30.36221 -87.14331 GoogleMaps ; St. Lucie Co., Hutchinson Island ; Sumter Co.: Lake Panasofkee ; BAHA- MAS: Andros Island : Maidenhair Coppice ; Great Abaco: Marsh Harbour; DOMINICAN REPUB- LIC: Pedernales: 25 km. N Cabo Rojo, 700m; Barahona: nr. Filipinas Larimar Mines; La Vega: Hotel Montaña ; GRENADA: St. Andrews : Mirabeau Agric. Sta .; MONTSERRAT: Brades; ST. LUCIA: Union Agricultural Station ; Gros Islet, Bonn Terra, Habitat; U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS: St. Croix : Sprat Hall ; Fredericksted, Est. William; St. John: Lameshur Bay .

Discussion. Thomas (1993) examined type material, designated lectotypes, and proposed the synonymy of L. costatus Grouvelle under L. pictus Schwarz. The amount of elytral maculation in this species is variable, ranging from almost entirely dark to almost entirely pale, although the maculation is usually visible. I have not seen a completely dark specimen; the few entirely pale specimens can be distinguished based on pronotal characters and male genitalia.














Lathropus pictus Schwarz

Thomas, Michael C. 2010

Lathropus pictus Schwarz 1878: 358

Thomas, M. C. 1993: 43
Grouvelle, A. 1902: 763
Schwarz, E. A. 1878: 358
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