Koleps Adamski

Adamski, David, 2013, Review of the Blastobasinae of Costa Rica (Lepidoptera: Gelechioidea: Blastobasidae), Zootaxa 3618 (1), pp. 1-223: 7

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Koleps Adamski


Koleps Adamski  , new genus

Type species.— Koleps angulatus Adamski  , by present designation. Koleps  is known only from Costa Rica.

Description and Diagnosis.— Koleps  possesses a unique combination of male features unlike those possessed by other Blastobasinae  . They include: valva with basal 1 / 2 narrow and parallelsided, apical 1 / 2 widening, with dorsal and ventral processes forming an irregular and angular apical part; costa acutely angled basally about 45 °; middle part of costa with a row of setae along ventral margin; ventral margin with straight setae, longer than width of middle part; a slightly recurved digitate process juxtaposed ventrolaterally by a pair of upturned, slightly divergent, spinelike processes; ventrolateral margin with a spinelike process extending beyond a widened lobe bearing a densely packed cluster of straight and elongate, apicomarginal setae; and juxta absent. This combination of features differentiates Koleps  from all other Blastobasinae  .

Etymology. The generic name is derived from the Greek koleps  , a masculine noun meaning bent knee, and refers to the acutely angled base of the costa of the male genitalia.