Processina kamphaengensis

He, Hongli, Yang, Maofa & Yu, Xiaofei, 2018, Three new species of the leafhopper genus Processina (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Mileewinae) from Thailand, Zootaxa 4531 (2), pp. 279-287: 285-286

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Processina kamphaengensis

sp. nov.

Processina kamphaengensis  sp. nov.

( Figs. 9–10, 15View FIGURES 1–15, 45–50View FIGURES 45–50)

Description. Coloration as in P. topoarmata  . Crown with a large black spot medially and smaller black round spot at apex; eyes and ocelli pale ( Figs. 9, 10, 15View FIGURES 1–15). Pronotum brownish yellow, with yellow spots on each side of anterior margin; scutellum orange, with basal angles and central longitudinal band brown ( Fig. 9View FIGURES 1–15). Forewing dark brown, veins yellow ( Figs. 9, 10View FIGURES 1–15). Face yellowish white but the color darker than P. topoarmata  ( Fig. 15View FIGURES 1–15). Venter of thorax yellowish white, legs pale with apices of tarsi dark brown.

Male genitalia. Male pygofer ( Fig. 45View FIGURES 45–50) moderately produced posteriorly, in lateral view with posterior margin broadly rounded with small setae; process well developed, curving posterodorsally, extending along posterior margin of pygofer, unbranched. Subgenital plates ( Fig. 48View FIGURES 45–50) extending beyond pygofer apex, with uniseriate macrosetae medially and many microsetae laterally. Aedeagus ( Figs. 46, 47View FIGURES 45–50) with shaft laterally compressed, single apical ventrally directed spine from lip-shaped rim around apex; basal apodeme short. Connective ( Fig. 49View FIGURES 45–50) Yshaped. Style ( Fig. 50View FIGURES 45–50) thick and short, apex broadly rounded with dense fine setae.

Measurement. Male: 4.7 mm.

Material examined. Holotype: ♂, THAILAND, Kamphaeng Phet Mae Wang NP Chong Yen, 16°5.968 'N 99°6.472'E, 306 m, Malaise trap, 1–8.x.2007, Chumpol Piluk & Aram Inpuang leg. T2816.GoogleMaps 

Etymology. The specific name refers to the type locality, Kamphaeng.

Remarks. The new species is similar to P. taiwanana  but differs from the later in having the anterior margin of the head with only one black spot, the face yellowish white, forewing veins yellow, male pygofer process unbranched, subgenital plates with uniseriate macrosetae, and the shape of the aedeagus different.

Distribution. Thailand.