Tachyura Motschulsky, 1862

Bousquet, Yves, 2012, Catalogue of Geadephaga (Coleoptera, Adephaga) of America, north of Mexico, ZooKeys 245, pp. 1-1722: 444

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Tachyura Motschulsky, 1862


Subgenus Tachyura Motschulsky, 1862 

Tachyura  Motschulsky, 1862b: 27. Type species: Elaphrus quadrisignatus  Duftschmid, 1812 designated by Jeannel (1941b: 434). Etymology. Uncertain, possibly from the generic name Tachys  [q.v.] and the Greek oura (tail) [feminine]. Note. The first valid type species designation for Tachyura  Motschulsky, 1862 is that of Schatzmayr and Koch (1934: 21) who designated Bembidion focki  Hummel, 1822 (= Trechus bisulcatus  Nicolai, 1822). Acceptance of that species as type species would make Tachyura  a senior subjective synonym of Porotachys  Netolitzky, 1914. I suggest conserving the type species designation of Jeannel to preserve stability (see Bousquet 2002b: 49).


According to Sciaky and Vigna Taglianti (2003: 90), members of Tachyura  occur in the Old World though a few species extends into the Australian Region in New Guinea. The number of species is difficult to assess. Kopecký (2003: 278-280) listed 47 species for the Palaearctic Region. One species is adventive in North America.


The species was included in Lindroth’s (1966: 410) key to the species of Tachys  .