Pseudothaumaspis gialaiensis Gorochov, 1998

Wang, Hanqiang, Liu, Xianwei & Li, Kai, 2014, A synoptic review of the genus Thaumaspis Bolivar (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae, Meconematinae) with the description of a new genus and four new species, ZooKeys 443, pp. 11-33: 16-17

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Pseudothaumaspis gialaiensis Gorochov, 1998


Taxon classification Animalia Orthoptera Tettigoniidae

10. Pseudothaumaspis gialaiensis Gorochov, 1998  Figs 37-41

Thaumaspis (Pseudothaumaspis) gialaiensis  : Gorochov 1998: 115, figs 104- 109.


Lower lobe of the male hind knee with spine, apex of male cerci with 3 processes (Figs 37-39), shorter subgenital fig with longer styli, genital smaller, apex with small a sclerous corium (Fig. 40). Female subgential fig transverse (Fig. 41), hind margin bent downwards; ventral valve of ovipositor with an apical hook.


Body yellowish green, almost unicolor, antennae with brown rings, lower part of the pronotum lateral lobe with brown edge; apex of tibiae, tarsus and spine of tibiae darkened.


(length in mm) Body, ♂13.0- 14.0, ♀12.0- 13.0; pronotum, ♂4.2- 4.5, ♀4.0- 4.2; tegmina, ♂4.0- 4.5, ♀3.0; hind femora, ♂13.5- 14.0, ♀14.0- 15.0; ovipositor, ♀5.8- 6.0.