Agathodesmus anici , Mesibov, Robert, 2013

Mesibov, Robert, 2013, New species of Agathodesmus Silvestri, 1910 from Australia (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Haplodesmidae), ZooKeys 325, pp. 33-64: 43

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Agathodesmus anici

sp. n.

Agathodesmus anici  sp. n. Fig. 6D


Male, 11 km W by N of Bald Hill, McIlwraith Range, Qld, search party campsite, 13°44'S, 143°20"E ± 2 km, 520 m a.s.l., 27 June– 12 July 1989, T.A. Weir, ANIC berlesate 1111, closed forest, leaf and log litter, in several pieces in genitalia vial, ANIC 64-000327.

Other material.


Diagnostic description.

Male with head + 20 rings. Colour in alcohol pale white. Male ca 7.5 mm long; ring 12 maximum diameter ca 0.6 mm, maximum width ca 0.75 mm. Metatergal tubercles in 7-8 irregular transverse rows, mainly without setae; metatergal setae long, pointed; 4 lateralmost tubercles not enlarged, forming very narrow pseudo-paranotum. Male leg 6 coxa with prominent mediodistal projection. Telopodite (Fig. 6D) with pp straight; at in transverse plane, short, narrowly triangular and with tip curving posteriorly; dp directed posterobasally and laterally at base; mab shallowly divided into narrower anterior and wider posterior lobes; meb curving behind mab and divided at ca 1/3 length into short, needle-like medial and broader lateral processes, the latter following the curve of the posterior mab lobe and nearly as long.


Known only from the type locality on the Cape York Peninsula in far north Queensland (Fig. 1).


In honour of ANIC, the Australian National Insect Collection, whose collection of berlesates has yielded many new species of Australian millipedes.


The telson of the holotype is damaged and the distal portions of legs 6 are missing.