Longino, J. T., 2003, The Crematogaster (Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Myrmicinae) of Costa Rica., Zootaxa 151, pp. 1-150: 130

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[[ Crematogaster  HNS  (forms with completely striate face) ]]

It is unclear whether the variation in face sculpture from smooth and shining to completely striate represents intraspecific or interspecific variation. It may be that selection gradients cause parallel changes in face sculpture among multiple sympatric lineages, such that the above forms may be synonyms of crinosa  HNS  and torosa  HNS  . For example, I have examined five collections from Colombia that have completely striate faces. Other than the striate face, one collection has the characters of crinosa  HNS  , three have the characters of torosa  HNS  , and one has the characters of rochai  HNS  . Alternatively, further research may reveal that the forms with completely striate faces are found in sympatry with shiny faced forms, or show discontinuous character variation, such that they are best interpreted as distinct species. If so, it must then be determined whether these forms are distinct from each other or should be interpreted as one widespread species.