Smicronyx (s. str.) syriacus Faust, 1887,

Haran, Julien, Schütte, André & Friedman, Ariel-Leib-Leonid, 2017, A review of Smicronyx Schoenherr (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) of Israel, with description of two new species, Zootaxa 4237 (1), pp. 17-40: 25-26

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Smicronyx (s. str.) syriacus Faust, 1887


4. Smicronyx (s. str.) syriacus Faust, 1887 

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Material examined. Har Hermon: Har Dov, 33°15’N 35°40’E, 300 m,, L. Friedman (1, SMNHTAU); Har HermonGoogleMaps  , 1900m, 21.v.1979, D. Furth (1, SMNHTAU); Har Hermon, 1700m, 17.viii.2005, L. Friedman (1, SMNHTAU), 17.v.2009, L. Friedman (1, SMNHTAU); Newe Ativ, 33.265o 35.735o, I. Zonstein (1, SMNHTAU); Majdal Shams, 21.v.2001, V. Kravchenko (1, SMNHTAU); Golan Heights: Nabi Hazuri, 33°15’N 35°44’E, 790 m, 13.x.2013, L. Friedman (1, SMNHTAU); Merom Golan,, V. Chikatunov (1, SMNHTAU); Merom Golan, Bental Reservoir, 33o09’N 35o47’E, 25.v.2005, L. Friedman (1, SMNHTAU); Ma’agar Bental, 33o08’N 35o47’E, 7.v.2007, L. Friedman (7, SMNHTAU); Qazrin, 15.vii.2000, L. Friedman (1, SMNHTAU); Qazrin, 32o59’N 35o42’E, 9.v.2006, L. Friedman, (1, SMNHTAU); Upper Galilee : Metulla, 20.ix.1931 (1, PPIS)  ; ‘ Iyyon Nature Reserve , 1.v.2006, L. Friedman (1, SMNHTAU); Tel Dan, 20.viii.2005, V. Kravchenko, V. Chikatunov (1, SMNHTAU); Tel Dan  , 168 m, 33°15’N 35°39’E, 19.x.2009, L. Friedman (1, SMNHTAU); Dan, 25.v.2005, L. Friedman (2, SMNHTAU); Dan, Bet Ussishkin, 33o14’N 35o39’E, 14.v.2012, L. Friedman (1, SMNHTAU); Senir, 7.x.1993, J. Halperin, on Fraxinus  (1, SMNHTAU); ‘En Gonen Nature Reserve, channel, 19:30–21:00, 18.viii.2014, L. Friedman (3, SMNHTAU); Ne’ot Mordekhay, 17.i.2006, L. Zarabi (1, SMNHTAU); Nahal Keziv, 28.ix.1999, M. Finkel, V. Kravchenko (2, SMNHTAU); Har Meron,, A.

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Biology. This species was collected on Cuscuta palaestina Boiss.  , which is often a parasite of Sarcopoterium spinosum Spach  ( Rosaceae  , JH obs.). Adults have also been collected when beating oaks (LF obs.). Months of collection: all year round.

Distribution. Smicronyx syriacus  is widely distributed around the Mediterranean basin and in Central Asia ( Caldara 2013). In Israel, it is distributed mostly in the northern Mediterranean part of the country; a few specimens collected in the desert would appear to be from disturbed areas with ruderal vegetation.

Discussion. This species is recognizable by the shape of its short and thick scape. The general appearance is close to S. jungermanniae  , but scale cover is usually more contrasted, consisting of a dense cover of dark brown scales, with white spots on shoulders and an apical transversal line. The aedeagus is short, laterally subparallel ( Fig. 9View FIGURES 6 – 10).


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