Smicronyx (s. str.) jungermanniae ( Reich 1797 ),

Haran, Julien, Schütte, André & Friedman, Ariel-Leib-Leonid, 2017, A review of Smicronyx Schoenherr (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) of Israel, with description of two new species, Zootaxa 4237 (1), pp. 17-40: 29-30

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Smicronyx (s. str.) jungermanniae ( Reich 1797 )


7. Smicronyx (s. str.) jungermanniae ( Reich 1797) 

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Material examined. Har Hermon: Har Dov , 33o15’N 35o40’E, 300m,, L. Friedman (1, SMNHTAU); Har HermonGoogleMaps  , 1700m,, L. Friedman (1, SMNHTAU); Golan Heights: Ma’agar Bental, 33°08'N 35°47'E, 7.v.2007 (1, SMNHTAU) W. Kuslitzky; Upper Galilee: Tel Dan, 5.x.2002, V. Kravchenko, V. Chikatunov, light trap (1, SMNHTAU); ‘Enot ‘Enan, 1.v.2006, L. Friedman (3, SMNHTAU); Lower Galilee : Umm el-Ghanem  , 32°40’N 35°23’E, 8.v.2013, L. Friedman (2, SMNHTAU),, L. Friedman (1, SMNHTAU), 11.v.2010, L. Friedman (1, SMNHTAU), 8.v.2013, L. Friedman (3, SMNHTAU); Solelim, 1 km W, 31.vii.2001, E. Orbach (1, SMNHTAU); Bet Lehem haGelilit, 21.x.2014, L. Friedman, on Quercus ithaburensis  (1, SMNHTAU); Northern Coastal Plain: ' En Afeq, 2.viii.2002, V. Kravchenko, V. Chikatunov, “light”, (1, SMNHTAU); Carmel Ridge: Regavim, 26.iv.2010, L. Gidron, on pomegranate (1, SMNHTAU); Samaria: Hare Gilboa' [ Mount Gilboa ], 6.v.2014, J. Haran, on Cuscuta campestris  (2, JHcoll)  ; Jordan Valley: Hammat Gader ,, V. Kravchenko, light trap (1, SMNHTAU); Nahal Yehudiyya, near Zomet Yehudiyya, 15.viii.2000, L. Friedman (1, SMNHTAU); Ma’agan  , 32o42’32”N 35o35’01”E, 10.v.2010, L. Friedman, C. Drees, pitfall5 (1, SMNHTAU); Foothills of Judea: Kefar Menahem, 25.i.2015, Plant Protection and Inspection Services, in gall on Olea europaea  (1, SMNHTAU); Judean Desert: Nahal Perat [Wadi Kelt], 23.vii.2002, V. Kravchenko, “light”, (2, SMNHTAU), 23.iv.2003, V. Kravchenko, V. Chikatunov, light trap (1, SMNHTAU). Dead Sea Area: Yeriho [ Jericho ], 7.v.2014, sweeping Cuscuta monogyna, J. Haran  (4, JHcoll)  ; Central Coastal Plain: Ga’ash , 1.v.2014, J. Haran (4, JHcoll, 1 specimen sequenced from this series, voucher code: 2640-HAR_24055_JHA-3.16654. Deposited at Curci); Ga’ash Pool Nature Reserve, 7.v.2015, L. Friedman (5, SMNHTAU); Sothern Coastal Plain  : Tel Aviv,, W. Kuslitzky, light trap (1, SMNHTAU); ‘Enot Gibbeton Nature Reserve, 13.xi.2014, L. Friedman, on Cuscuta  (9, SMNHTAU); Nizzanim  , 31°43.3’N 34°37.6’E, 17.vii.2008, C. Grach, O. Rittner, Malaise trap (1, SMNHTAU); Northern Negev: HaBesor Nature Reserve, South , 8.v.2010, wet meadow, pitfall trap, L. Friedman, C. Drees (1, SMNHTAU); Bor Mashash  , 31o04.6’N 34o50.2’E, 29.vii.2007, A. Freidberg (1, SMNHTAU), L. Friedman (5, SMNHTAU); Shivta, 9.vii.2001, A. Freidberg (1, SMNHTAU); Shivta Rd., Sede Paqqu’a, nr. Ashalim , 9.vii.2001, L. Friedman (1, SMNHTAU); ‘ Ezuz (Be’erotayim), nr. Nizzana, 17  . v.1 998, A. Freidberg (1, SMNHTAU); Central Negev: Zomet Hatrurim , 11.vii.2012, N. Dorchin, ex Achillea  (1, SMNHTAU); Park Yeroham  , 450m, 30o59.4’N 34o53.7’E, 29.vii.2007, L. Friedman (1, SMNHTAU); Sede Boqer,, J. Halperin, on Pistacia vera  (1, SMNHTAU), 29.v.2002, A. Freidberg (7, SMNHTAU), L. Friedman (12, SMNHTAU), vi.2010, A. Freidberg, ex Echinops polyceras  (4, SMNHTAU); ‘En Mor, 24.x.1988, J. Halperin (3, SMNHTAU); ‘Avedat, 30.v.1985, J. Halperin, on Pistacia vera  (2, SMNHTAU); Nahal Zin, Rt. 40, near ‘Avedat, 29.v.2002, A. Freidberg (1, SMNHTAU); Har Ramon, 950m, 8.v.2003, L. Friedman (2, SMNHTAU); Har Horesha, Rt 171, 30°30N 34°36E, 935 m,, L. Friedman (3, SMNHTAU), N. Dorchin (2, SMNHTAU), on Achillea fragrantissima  (4, SMNHTAU), Arthemisa herba-alba  (2, SMNHTAU), Centaurea damascenea  (2, SMNHTAU); Har Horesha, Rt. 171, 30o30’N 34o36’E, 935m,, L. Friedman, on Achillea fragrantissima  , Arthemisia herba-alba  , Centaurea damascena  (20, SMNHTAU); Southern Negev: Ma’ale ‘ Aqrabbim ,, I. Zonstein (2, SMNHTAU)  ; Arava Valley: Hazeva ,, V. Kravchenko, (1, SMNHTAU); Shaharut, 7.iii.2002, M. Finkel (1, SMNHTAU). 

Biology. This species was recorded on Cuscuta campestris Yunck. This  plant is commonly found on disturbed soil, and is often a parasite of ruderal plants occurring in agricultural land. Months of collection: January – November.

Distribution. Widespread species, occurring throughout the Mediterranean rim, central and northern Europe, up to and including Central Asia and Pakistan.

Discussion. This species is close to S. albosquamosus  , which is sympatric, and it is sometimes hard to distinguish from the latter. Apart from the claws, which are always equal in S. jungermanniae  (unequal in S. albosquamosus  ), this species is generally smaller than S. albosquamosus  . The vestiture of the elytra does not form the white “V” typical of S. albosquamosus  . Intermediate phenotypes between the two species exist. Smicronyx jungermanniae  was also found to be sympatric with S. pauperculus  on Cuscuta campestris Yunck.  , and with S. jordanicus  on C. monogyna Vahl.