Nahuatlea smithii (B.L. Robinson & Greenm.) V.A.Funk, 2017

Funk, Vicki A., Sancho, Gisela & Roque, Nadia, 2017, Nahuatlea: a new genus of compositae (Gochnatieae) from North America, PhytoKeys 91, pp. 105-124 : 119-120

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Nahuatlea smithii (B.L. Robinson & Greenm.) V.A.Funk

comb. nov.

7. Nahuatlea smithii (B.L. Robinson & Greenm.) V.A.Funk comb. nov. Fig. 3C View Figure 3

Gochnatia smithii B.L. Robinson & Greenm., Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 32: 50. 1896.


Mexico. Oaxaca: On the hills of Cuicatlan, April 1895, L.C. Smith 363 (Lectotype: K designated by Cabrera, 1971: 140; Isolectotypes: GH 00008383, MEXU 00525748).


Shrub of undetermined size; leaves clustered near the ends of the branches, sub-coriaceous, 3-5 × 0.8-1.8 cm, ovate, obtuse, cuneate at base, glabrescent adaxially, cinereous-tomentose abaxially; heads slender, short-pedunculate, in dense clusters at the ends of branches, sometimes several clusters in a dense panicle, many clusters per plant; involucre narrowly obconic, 6-8 mm tall × ca. 3 mm wide, bracts in 5-7 series, ciliolate on the margins otherwise glabrous; flowers (3 –)5– 7 per head; corollas white, 8.5-9.0 mm long; anther base caudate, tails ca. 1.5 mm long, entire; pappus ca. 6.5-7.5 mm long, bristles biseriate, not obviously broadened at tips.


According to Jervis (1954) the “… small branches are less wooly than most other species."


Mexico: known only from Oaxaca.