Leptagrion porrectum Selys, 1876

Furieri, Karina S., Fraga, Felipe B., Tribull, Carly & Colombo, Wesley D., 2020, Description of two females of Leptagrion Selys (Odonata: Coenagrionidae), Zootaxa 4821 (2), pp. 343-352 : 346-348

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.4821.2.6

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Leptagrion porrectum Selys, 1876


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Leptagrion porrectum Selys, 1876 , 42 (2): 975 [Holotype: ♂, BRAZIL: Espírito Santo, Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique , Brusseals. Belgium, IRSN]

Specimens examined. ♂ and ♀ in copula, BRAZIL, E[spírito] S[anto], Areial , Limite com Reserva Biológica de Sooretama ( RBS), 19º15’13”S 39°52’34.8”W, 17-II-2005, Furieri, K.S., Kawada, R., Silva, R. R. cols GoogleMaps . ♂ and ♀ in copula, BRAZIL, E[spírito] S[anto], Conceição da Barra , Itaúnas, 18º25’44,5”S 39°42’34.8”W, 15-I-2005, Furieri, K.S., Kawada, R., Campos, J.L.A. cols GoogleMaps .

Description of female. Head. Mandible with two apical teeth, distinctly larger upper tooth; anteclypeus with median lobe weakly trapezoidal; postclypeus with anterior margin weakly outcurved, two ill-defined, castaneous, lateral depressions; antefrons castaneous; postfrons with castaneous depression; ocelli protuberant.

Thorax. Prothorax light castaneous coloured; anterior lobe castaneous; middle lobe light castaneous, dorsal margin straight; posterior pronotal lobe mostly light blue, dorsal margin concave. Pterothorax with mid-dorsal carina weakly delimited; mesostigmal plate light castaneous; mesepisternum mostly castaneous, light blue ventrally, elongated, narrower than mesepimeron; antealar crest castaneous; mesopleural suture delimited, almost straight; mesopleural fossa black circular; mesinfraepisternum rectangular; mesepimeron castaneous, as wide as metespiternum; interpleural suture not delimited; second thoracic spiracle light castaneous, oval; metinfraepisternum light blue; metespiternum light castaneous, as wide as metepimeron; metapleural suture delimited; metapleural fossa black, oval; metepimeron, light blue, wide posteriorly.

Wings. Hyaline, with pruinose spots at each wing base, venation black. Pterostigma light brown bordered by brown venation, rectangular.

Abdomen. Segments similar to male, except dark castaneous, genital valve surpassing S10, ventral margin with short bristles and denticulate. Ovipositor and appendages dark brown.

Measurements. TOL: 53.0–54.0; LA: 43.0–45.0; HW: ~26.0–27.0.

Differential Diagnosis. The female of this species resembles that of L. acutum by having pterostigma in fore and hind wings rhomboid; ovipositor valves surpassing distal margin of S10; and tarsal claws with robust inferior tooth subequal to superior. However, the female of L. porrectum has the posterior lobe of prothorax with concave dorsal margin when seen in lateral view; the pterothorax with interpleural suture short and indistinct; and, S8 sternum with distal margin surpassing distal margin of S8 tergum. In contrast, the female of L. acutum has the posterior lobe of prothorax with straight dorsal margin when seen in lateral view; pterothorax with interpleural suture long and distinct; and, S8 sternum with distal margin not surpassing distal margin of S8 tergum.

Distribution. Brazil (Espírito Santo).


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