Virola kwatae Sabatier. Adansonia ser. 3,19: 273. 1997.

Santamaria-Aguilar, Daniel & Lagomarsino, Laura P., 2022, New Species of Virola (Myristicaceae) from South America, PhytoKeys 197, pp. 81-148 : 81

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Virola kwatae Sabatier. Adansonia ser. 3,19: 273. 1997.


Virola kwatae Sabatier. Adansonia ser. 3,19: 273. 1997.


French Guiana. Rivere Arataye , Saut Pararé, 31 Jul 1984 [♀ fl & fr], [D.] Sabatier 931 (holotype P [barcode P00135215, image!]; isotype CAY, INPA, K [barcode K000575173, image!], MPU [barcode MPU024622, image!], NY! [NY00346038], P-3 sheets [barcodes P00135216, P00135217, P00135218, image!], US [barcode US00623540, image!]) .


French Guiana and Brazil ( Amapá).

Common name.

Gaan busi Mulumba (Paramaka; Sabatier 1997). French Guiana: yayamadou, yayamadou montagne ( Créole) ( Mitchell 2002).


The specific epithet alludes to the Spider monkeys, or ateles ( Ateles panisczis ), locally called kwata, who consume the fruits of this species ( Sabatier 1997).


Virola kwatae was previously known from French Guiana. However, in a recent study of herbarium specimens at New York Botanical Garden, a collection with fruit made in Amapá state, Brazil was located. To our knowledge this represents the first record of this species among the Flora of Brazil.

Specimens examined.

Brazil. Amapá: Município Macapá, Rio Falsino, approx. 10 km upstream of confluence with Rio Araguari , 00°50'S, 51°45'W, 13 Dec 1984 (fr), D. C. Daly et al. 3865 (MO [n.v.], NY!, US [image!]) GoogleMaps .

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