Waldheimia erebus (W.F. Kirby, 1882),

Boeve, Jean-Luc, Marin-Armijos, Diego S., Dominguez, Diego F. & Smith, David R., 2016, Sawflies (Hymenoptera: Argidae, Pergidae, Tenthredinidae) from southern Ecuador, with a new record for the country and some ecological data, Journal of Hymenoptera Research 51, pp. 55-89: 65-66

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Waldheimia erebus (W.F. Kirby, 1882)


Taxon classification Animalia Hymenoptera Tenthredinidae

Waldheimia erebus (W.F. Kirby, 1882)  Fig. 15


This species is known from Guyana, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.


Bombuscaro, road to Podocarpus NP, 04°06'S, 078°58'W, 955-975m, 08.10.2014, flying around plants of Sticherus  sp. ( Gleicheniaceae  ), P3866, P3867, P3868, P3869 (4 ♂), leg. J.-L. Boevé, P3880, P3881, P3882, (3 ♂), leg. A. Pauly, J.-L. Boevé; Pueblo Viela, 04°38'S, 079°08'W, 1060m, 15.10.2014, on leaf of Anthurium  sp., P3926.B (1 ♀), P3926.A, P3926.C, P3926.D, P3926.E, P3926.F, P3926.H (6 ♂), leg. A. Pauly, J.-L. Boevé; Bombuscaro, Podocarpus NP, 04°06'S, 078°58'W, 995m, 16.10.2014, P3936.B, P3936.C, P3936.E (3 ♂), leg. A. Pauly, J.-L. Boevé; Romerillos, nr Podocarpus NP, 04°09'S, 078°56'W, 1100m, 22.10.2014, P3967.V (1 ♀), leg. A. Pauly, J.-L. Boevé, P3962.B, P3962.C, P3962.D, P3962.E (4 ♂), leg. J.-L. Boevé, P3967.Q, P3967.R, P3967.S, P3967.T, P3967.X, P3967.Y (6 ♂), leg. A. Pauly, J.-L. Boevé, flying, P3959, P3961, P3963.I, P3963.J, P3963.K, P3963.L, P3963.M, P3963.N, P3963.O (9 ♂), on leaf of Hedychium coronarium  ( Zingiberaceae  ), P3960.C, P3960.D (2 ♂), on leaf of Anthurium  sp., P3958.F, P3958.G (2 ♂), leg. J.-L. Boevé; Bombuscaro, 04°05'S, 078°57'W, 930m, 22.03.2015, P4120.D, P4120.E, P4120.G (3 ♂), leg. T. Delsinne; Zamora, Copalinga, 04°05'S, 078°57'W, 1000m, 21.07.2015, P4125 (1 ♂), leg. T. Delsinne.