Ptomaphaginus Portevin, 1914

Schilthuizen, Menno, Perreau, Michel & Njunjic, Iva, 2018, A review of the Cholevinae from the island of Borneo (Coleoptera, Leiodidae), ZooKeys 777, pp. 57-108: 63

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Ptomaphaginus Portevin, 1914


Genus: Ptomaphaginus Portevin, 1914 


In Borneo, Ptomaphaginus  consists of relatively large Ptomaphagini  with four dilated male protarsomeres, distinguishable from Ptomaphaminus  by the ventral spines of the protibiae being aligned along the latero-external row of equal spines, making a second, more widely spaced row next to the external one, as well as by the metaventral sutures, which are roughly parallel to the axis of the body. Also, in the female, the gonocoxites are elongated, whereas in most Ptomaphaminus  , they are reduced.

With Ptomaphaminus  Perreau (see below), Ptomaphaginus  Portevin makes up the vast majority of the Borneo cholevine diversity. We currently recognise 14 species. However, more diversity is to be expected, both cryptic (e.g., DNA-analysis suggests additional diversity in P. bryanti  and related species; Merckx et al. 2015) and non-cryptic (each field project in previously unexplored regions in Borneo results in new discoveries).