Crematogaster nitidiceps Emery,

Wild, A. L., 2007, A catalogue of the ants of Paraguay (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)., Zootaxa 1622, pp. 1-55: 51

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Crematogaster nitidiceps Emery


Crematogaster nitidiceps Emery  HNS  1895a. NEW STATUS.

Crematogaster victima var. nitidiceps Emery  HNS  1895a: 288.

Crematogaster victima subsp. nitidiceps var. pergens Forel  HNS  1911b: 274. Unavailable name. [examined, MHNG; Cordillera, Paraguay (Fiebrig)]  .

Crematogaster (Orthocrema) victima subsp. nitidiceps Emery  HNS  . Emery 1924a: 136.

Crematogaster (Orthocrema) victima nitidiceps Emery  HNS  . Kempf 1972: 90.

Crematogaster nitidiceps  HNS  and Crematogaster victima  HNS  occur in local sympatry across eastern Paraguay. There is no reason to consider the two forms conspecific, and indeed the two forms are likely not even close relatives. I have not examined type material of either form, but Jack Longino has confirmed the identification of both species in my Paraguayan material and concurs with a change in status for C. nitidiceps  HNS  (Longino, pers. comm.). In Paraguay, the two species differ in a number of characters, including: antennal scapes in repose fail to meet posterior cephalic margin in C. nitidiceps  HNS  but surpass posterior margin in C. victima  HNS  ; head in full-face view longer than broad in C. niticeps  HNS  but broader than long in C. victima  HNS  ; sculpture of lateral face of pronotum smooth and shining in C. nitidiceps  HNS  but punctate in C. victima  HNS  ; dorsum of head bearing only one or two pairs of standing setae in C. niticeps  HNS  but bearing> 20 standing clavate setae in C. victima  HNS  . The two forms show additional differences in eye size, petiolar structure, and mesosomal structure.


Switzerland, Geneva, Museum d'Histoire Naturelle