Bartels, Paul J., Fontoura, Paulo & Nelson, Diane R., 2018, Marine tardigrades of the Bahamas with the description of two new species and updated keys to the species of Anisonyches and Archechiniscus, Zootaxa 4420 (1), pp. 43-70: 55

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Batillipes  sp.

Material examined: 35 specimens from site 3, body size 81–147 µm.

Remarks: These specimens are most similar to B. similis Schulz, 1955  . Similarities include the toe pattern (toe 3 shorter than toe 4 on leg IV), drumstick-shaped clavae, length of cephalic cirri, and long sensorial organ (P4) on legs IV. The Bahamian specimens are different from B. similis  based on the shape and orientation of the lateral processes and a unique caudal appendage that consists of a short triangular projection with a small s-shaped distal portion.

This species appears to have a soft body and did not do well in the PVA mounting medium. For this reason, it was not possible to examine some structures and gender determination was not possible. The description of this species will be postponed until new material is collected.